Sunday, May 27, 2012

How is this Making National News?

Something I don't understand is how news like Dansby saying he thinks the Dolphins are going to the Super Bowl or Reggie Bush saying he wants to lead the league in rushing making national news? Also people who criticize these remarks don't understand the mindset of these players. If you go into a season thinking your team is going to have a losing record or your thinking your going to be in the bottom half tier of running backs, it is most likely going to happen. It's the self fulfilling prophecy. I'm actually glad Bush and Dansby made these remarks, because it shows that they believe in the team and themselves.
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THANK YOU! finally someone understands i do not get it why are people surprised about this shouldn't every NFL player say that. You want to win the Super Bowl. You want to get the rushing title.


Exactly, its beyond me why this stuff gets overblown by the media