Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ryan Tannehill is the right choice

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There it was, the moment we had been waiting for since free agency ended. With the 8th overall pick the Miami Dolphins selected the QB out of Texas A&M, Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill wasn't a big surprise to many but I think if another team not named the Dolphins had the #8 pick and they chose him it would have been a surprise. The reason for this is because I think Tannehill is perfect for the Dolphins. His head coach is our offensive coordinator, we have Philbin who developed Rodgers, Tannehill knows the offense because he ran it in college, and we also have the luxury to not be forced to start him day 1. Nobody else knows as much as Sherman does about Tannehill's potential and he was convinced he would be great and if Sherman thinks so, so will I. Get excited Dolphin fans, this should be a fun journey.

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