Saturday, April 14, 2012

Matt Moore likely to be the Dolphins starter week 1

The Dolphins are more than likely going to draft a QB in this year's draft. However whether that be Tannehill or any other QB not named Luck or RG3 they probably will not start week 1 of the season. Moore did have a 87.1 QB rating and did finish the season last nine games with a 6-3 record. He proved that he could wins games last year when given the opportunity and has deserved the chance to at least start this season. Moore might not be the long term solution but for at least the first half of the season or the first year he could serve as the starter while the rookie QB sits and learns the game. I believe that Moore will beat out Garrard and will start day 1 and it may not be a bad thing when you think about it.
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Absolutely, he's earned it. W/ an improved OL his fumbles should decrease and w/o Marshall's drops increased red zone scoring. These and improved pass rush could mean 3 more wins.


yup we had a few fluky losses last year too. The Tebow miracle comeback, the browns late TD drive and if Moore would have handled the snap we could have easily had 3 more wins