Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jeff Ireland

Ireland did the rounds this week, trying to get people to have faith in him while trying to remain secretive.

Count me among those who thought he came off as the villain.  He didn't sound like he was saying anything more than "I *AM* the Dolphins - trust me!"  It was kind of ridiculous.  He was cagey and dodged everything because he didn't want to tip his hand.

But I am firmly in the camp that he will be drafting a lineman (probably offensive, but could be defensive) at #8.

So one thing that struck me as odd was his answer to the question "Do you talk to Bill Parcells often?"  He said he didn't, because they were both busy, but they talk now and then.

Why is that odd?  Because Parcells hand-picked Ireland.  Because Parcells always has time to chat.  He talks to Peyton Manning almost every day.  He talks to Rex Ryan regularly.  He talks to Sean Payton regularly.  He was doing that while he was here - but he doesn't have time to talk to the guy *he* picked to run this organization.

What does that say about Ireland?  Parcells is not a fan?  Ireland is lying? 

Its a simple comment, but so vexing and confusing.  Its not that hard to imagine that they talk sometimes.
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