Friday, March 02, 2012

Saints caught putting bounties on opposing players

The Saints have been caught putting bounties on opposing players and are likely to face harsh punishments. According to sources the Saints defense put money on the table for players who knock opposing players out of the game or if they make a "remember me" hit on a player, which if they did were later rewarded with the cash. This strangely enough could impact the Dolphins, although it was the Saints defense who participated in this, but some offensive players could have been aware that this was happening. Reggie Bush was with the Saints during 2 of the 3 years in which the Saints were said to have been doing this, so I could see a scenario in which Reggie could get fined and although a suspension could be possible for some coordinators or player I do not see that happening to Reggie if in fact they can prove that he knew information, which I think they won't be able to. The Saints could also lose their 1st round draft pick as well as some other picks and could have players suspended.
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