Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The phone call

In my imagination, I saw a scene where GM, owner, and another guy playing a sort of "Who Wants to Be a Millionare?"  Owner has his turn.  The question is "he is the most famous Dolphin player."  Owner thinks for a moment, says something like "I think its Don something," and then says he wants to "phone a friend" and they decide to call a random season ticket holder.

The nearly 30 minutes pass as Owner has a conversation with him, then he ends the call. Only, he doesn't hang up and the season ticket holder is treated to this exchange:
Host: "Gee that took a while, do you have the answer?
Owner: "I forgot to ask him.  I got so busy with all this other pesky stuff.  Why do fans care?  Why can't they just follow blindly and accept that I'm the owner and I do what I want.  I mean, really, just pay for your season tickets and we'll be what we'll be.  I put a nightclub in the stadium for goshsakes"
GM (in the background): "Wheeeee...."
Owner: "That's really distracting, could you stop spinning in your chair?"
Host: "So, your answer is?"
Owner: "wow, this is tough.  I think he might have played, ummmm, quarterback?  And that reminds me, do we have one of those?  Yeah I suppose we do.  That's what I tell the media tomorrow that the guy we have is the guy we wanted all along!  Now let me think, did I hear the name?  The guy said we haven't had a quarterback since, uhhhh, wow, I'm drawing a blank here."
GM: "Did you ask what his mother does for a living?"
Owner: "Enough of that.  The answer is Ed Marinara?"
Host: "You're the owner, so CLOSE ENOUGH!  You win.  As Always."

Then the phone disconnects
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