Monday, March 12, 2012

Peyton's place

The reports that Peyton may have not shown as much "love" for Miami because he was being followed like oj Simpson on the la freeway probably were exaggerated. But they were funny and undoubtedly had some element of truth to them. He's lived in relative quiet in Indy, and here he would be the (latest) savior. But there's more to it than that. He stressed to the broncos and cardinals that he wants to win superbowls. End of story. Miami is more than a qb away and has an entirely new coaching staff. And by all reports players are not generally wowed by Jeff Ireland. And Stephen Ross' - lets say quirkiness - may hurt more than help. So maybe he goes to another city. And Miami has to go another direction. Please, please, please draft a qb this year!
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The fact that Peyton doesn't pick Miami, in my opinion, has nothing to do with the media circus surrounding his arrival after the presser last week. I think the biggest deterrent is our ownership and GM. We are slowly becoming the punchline for the NFL. A fish stinks from the head down and that is the perfect analogy for the Phins. I am a huge and long time fan of the Phins and I am getting increasingy irritated by the lack of sense that this organization has. We have spent so much time and effort focusing on one guy (Manning) while we should have been reaching out to Flynn and at least testing the waters while we see how the Manning hunt worked out. Now, in the end, we will most likely be stuck with the option of hoping Tannehill or another miracle QB proves to be a good option. Dolphins continue to draft the 4th or 5th best option at QB thinking they got a deal at the spot they drafted him and then watching as our ship slowly takes on water and sinks.

While I do think Matt Moore is a smart and valid option at this point, I think they dropped the ball once again. They need to start making a play for Flynn now before that ship has sailed to another team and we are, once again, stuck watching a QB we should have had play well for another team and we are left wondering what if. Ross needs to pull his head out of his arse and start thinking with his brain and not with desire. Very frustrated at this point and hope all turns out well for us this year.