Sunday, March 04, 2012

Peyton Manning throwing the ball better

On March 2nd a video was taken at Duke in which claimed it was Peyton Manning throwing a football. The throws had some good zip to them and they looked really good and accurate in my opinion. However that player was wearing a face mask so we were not 100% sure if it was Peyton Manning. However yesterday during the North Carolina at Duke game Peyton Manning was spotted by the ESPN cameras (the picture is Manning at the game yesterday). This pretty much confirms that it was Peyton who was throwing the ball in the video.

Manning I believe purposely made his people leak the video and then went to the game to basically confirm that it was him in the video. Pretty smart PR move on Peyton's part because Irsay could have justified his decision to release Manning by saying that there was uncertainty as to whether he would ever be able to throw a football. That is pretty much out of the question right now, however they could always say that they never saw the video or that they were not 100% sure it was him.
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