Monday, March 19, 2012

The Media

I turned on NFL network today and obviously I heard the Manning news and all that good stuff and then something catches my attention. They begin to talk about the "state of the Dolphins", apparently no one wants to come here and this topic came up because Ryan Clark tweeted something out the other day that no one wants to play here after Flynn went to Seattle. First of all if the Dolphins truly wanted Flynn they would have got him. They were offering him back up money, not franchise QB money. Anyways they are laughing it up, Jamie Dukes, Rich Eisen and the saints former full back there thinking they know everything about the Dolphins which ticked me off a little.

Next I went to Pro Football talk and Florio is there writing about how bad the owner is, saying he "swung for the fences and hit himself in the face with the bat."

I have become really tired of this. Everything Ross does is seen as desperate and he looks dumb to the media. Ireland is getting laughed at for still not finding a QB even though the draft still hasn't even started yet. Fans are setting up billboards telling Manning to come here, and then there was the sign during the Jets V Dolphins game wanting them to fire Ireland and neither of those happened. It's come to the point where it's just embarrassing. I wanted the Dolphins to get more in the news which they have this year, but almost all of it is bad. It's just so embarrassing, and I know that I will probably forget all of this if the Dolphins win next season but I just hate being the future Lions when they were bad.

Anyways here is the tweet from the safety:

No one! To believe I almost went there but it was easy decision not to. GM RT @captmrose: No kidding! NOONE wants to go to the Dolphins!
It basically reads like this: some guy tweets the safety that " No kidding, no one want to go to the Dolphins. Then the safety says no one does, glad I didn't go there because of the GM.

Also on another note Clark's tweets afterwards are him responding to fin fans who get upset and he responds to things like have a good day or some other short message that he doesn't really mean because if he did he would have deleted the tweet and apologized. Don't let the fame get to your ego Clark making other seem small because your in the big leagues, just my opinion.
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