Friday, March 23, 2012

Jeff Irleand

I've got a question for everyone: how many GMs in the NFL can you name?  3?  4?  Have you ever heard the national media or other players talk about them?  So the fact that Ireland's name is national, and players are talking about him is not a good thing.  Rather, its a bad thing.  We had the same problem when Rick Spielman was here more or less, didn't we?

But that's not all. In an article today, Armando talks about Jeff and tells us that he wants to "build this offseason through the draft" and that he was handcuffed by the salary cap.

First things first: you are down about 4 starters (two on each side), and some key reserves and you intended to put rookies in there?  Or maybe some guys who couldn't crack the lineup last year?  Yikes.

And then the salary cap.  Clearly, YOU are the problem with the cap.  You've been here for going on 5 years.  Only a few (what is it, 3?) players are left from a previous coach or GM.  So that means that all current contracts have your signature on them.  If the Dolphins don't have money to spend, that is your fault, and you can't simply explain it away as "oh its the salary cap" know what the cap is.  You have a cap-ologist.  You knew last offseason there would be a smaller cap when the CBA was signed. 

No, this mess the team has is all on you.  As I said before: 7-9, 7-9, 6-10.  The players account for most of those records. 

And from what I read: Peyton really had no interest. Alex Smith took this as a free paid vacation to Miami, but had no interest.  And Matt Flynn saw the Fins weren't serious about signing him.  So, while Jeff "tried" - he really didn't.

I am not joining the media in calling for his ouster, because they focus on the wrong things.  I am calling for his ouster because he can't manage the cap, and can't find good enough players.
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Well said


I think people just need a monster to chase around with torches and pitchforks.
Im fine with all the decisions so far this offseason. Peyton wasnt ever serious about coming here and we werent ever serious about Flynn. Alex Smith does absolutely nothing for me so I dont care if they kicked his tires and sent him back without a contract. Due diligence, imo.
David Gerrard is a good veteran player and gives us great depth at the position with two guys that are proven starters, with one of them, Gerrard, having gone to the probowl in the last season he played.
The cap is the cap, tons of teams with no money to spend didnt win the superbowl recently, so Im not sure your cause has anything to do with your efffect.
Ad far as building through the draft and not free agency, thats a throroughly proven way to build a team that will be competitive for a long time. Making a big splash in free agency rarely does anything more than mollify the mob mentality.
If we come out of this draft with a pass rusher, a couple receivers and a young QB, or two, then the plan is perfectly clear and Ireland will deserve a pat on the back, for not giving into the dopey fans protesting on the streets and crying on their blogs by making some dumb move in free agency, and actually sticking to his plan.
I say good for him and I wish everyone would start acting like adults who know that good things take time, patience and perseverance and stop acting like spoiled little tanttums throwing brats.


The game's not over until it's over. We thought that we were shoo ins for Luck after last year's horrific start. Turns out that we were not as bad as the pundits thought. A team is not a collection of stars. The entire team must mesh. The Heat have Le Bron, Wade, and Bosh. They struggle without a true Center. Right now, the key to their winning is Haselem. He is the glue.

It is up to Philbin to mesh the players he has. Venerate, don't denigrate.


I agree. To all you "fans" who are unhappy: 1) wait until the draft 2) If you can't, go find another team. We all want to win and I think the FO is going in the right direction. I think if Philbin does well (which I beleive he will) getting us pointed in the right direction and he is unhappy with Ireland, he will lobby for his removal. Give these guys a chance. Would you ratyher have Sparano as your OC and Tebow and Rex and all that nonsense?