Saturday, March 10, 2012

If by Tuesday Manning hasn't made a decision, Dolphins should pursue another QB

Manning stayed overnight today in Denver and it seems like Manning will be the Broncos starting QB because, like the Dolphins, they also play in the AFC but they play in a weaker division where Manning won't have to play against Brady. Also the Broncos have over 40 million of cap space, which is a ton at this stage, so they can afford to sign Manning and then get a WR and TE in free agency. We already know Elway hates Tebow as a QB, which is one of the worst kept secrets in the league so that's not a factor right now.

But I am getting off topic, the Dolphins can not be used like they were with Fisher and Harbaugh. Look at what the Jets and Redskins did, they noticed that they might not have a chance at Manning so they went a different direction and now it does not seem like they desperate for Manning and settled on their backup plan.

If the Dolphins feel like Manning is not coming then get out of the equation, give Philbin his player at QB which could be Flynn or Tannehill, based on his and Sherman's opinion. Give Manning up until Tuesday if he, and if he chooses the Dolphins great have him and draft a QB in the draft, if he chooses Denver or is still unsure go after Flynn, if and only if Philbin feels that Flynn can be a franchise QB and if he and Sherman agree that he is a better QB than Tannehill. Philbin and Sherman are both familiar with the two QBs Flynn and Tannehill so its not the end of the world if we don't get Manning. Get some other weapons in the draft and free agency, implement Philbin's own system and go from there.

Anyways one report said that Philbin is used to the Packers way of thinking which does not believe that free agency is the right route to go and he would rather develop there own guys via the draft. Philbin developed Flynn so that could be the exception since he is his guy.

We can not risk losing out on Flynn by pursuing Manning and then have a team like the Browns get him, who we now know will not get RG3.
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Imo, playing Brady twice, perhaps three times a year, is a pro not a con to the ultra competitive Manning.


that's what i would think. But if Manning doesn't view it that way (i dont know if he does or not) then we would be better off without him.