Friday, March 09, 2012

Dolphins no longer the favorites?

First of all I think the Adam Schefter report that now Manning to the Dolphins is dwindling because of the media attention he got yesterday is not accurate in my opinion. I know Schefter has his sources but I just can't see that being the reason why the Dolphins are no longer the favorites. If Manning where to be that much afraid of the Miami media then why does he own a condo in South Beach? I just don't see Manning deciding where he wants to go based on where there is less media attention. I think he went to Denver just to get a feel of all possibilities, visit the facility and the go to Arizona to do the same thing. Remember Manning has lived in Miami and he also worked out in the facility when he went to the Super Bowl a few years ago so he already has a feel for the Dolphins.

On another note the Broncos are really taking a big risk on Manning. If he chooses not to go to the Broncos then it is already public that you do not trust in Tebow, which is pretty big blow to his confidence.

Also I hadn't realized but the Cardinals are something like 13 million above the cap. They will have to do a lot of trimming to their roster and restructure contracts, maybe lose around 30 million to sign him. Plus they won't have money for players like Wayne or other free agents to add to their roster.

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I have no problems with the Dolphins bringing Manning to Miami, but at 20 million dollars a year ? At that price it would strap the Dolphins so bad that he isn't worth it. Not at that price.


that would be a lot, and i dont see why Manning would need so much. He is a multimillionaire who has already made so much money in his career and doing commercials. One would think he woulds save the team cap so they can get cap room to sign players to make them playoff contenders. Im with you i wouldnt sign him to 20 million