Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dolphins Agree to Trade Brandon Marshall to the Bears

The Dolphins have traded Brandon Marshall to the Bears for 2 3rd round picks, one this year and another next year. This, in my opinion, probably means that they are really close to signing Manning and need to clear up cap space. Brandon Marshall was one of the highest paid WRs so it does make sense in that aspect. Also there was a report that Manning did not want to play with Marshall because of his attitude on the field and he will demand the ball, something that Manning did not want to put up with. In those two aspects it makes perfect sense, we clear up a lot of cap space (we only had 9 million) so we can sign Manning and his former teammates Reggie Wayne, Saturday and/or Clark. This is just my educated guess, so I could be wrong and maybe the Dolphins may not end up getting Manning, but from my point of view it certainly looks like they will now.
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