Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Championship here we come!

The NFL is a tough business.  If you're a GM you get it from all sides - the media, your owner, the fans - and there is no pleasing everyone.

Just ask the much maligned Jeff Ireland.  Guy can't catch a break.  Nevermind what the the media says about him - its clear they don't like him - think about what he has done for this franchise.  He's assembled personnel that went 7-9, 7-9, and 6-10. 

And the secrecy is probably the most annoying part of it all.  I know they want to maintain a competitive advantage (so no one knows if someone's mom is a prostitute).  If he would just appear to be telling us something, rather than letting the media speculate, we'd be better off.

And on that note, what he does say relative to what he actually does is troubling.

He stated that we would have an upgrade at QB.  Oh and he tried, by all accounts.  But in the end, he gets David Garrard, who is above average, but not a world beater.  Consider this: he was let go by the Jags on the eve of the season and no one even called him throughout the season - not even the Dolphins who needed a capable backup. And now he's here as the upgrade.  Rejoice dolphins fans. 

The trade of Marshall felt "weird" - although the Dolphins got something in return   And the re-signing of Paul Soliai could be good - if the Dolphins use a 3-4 because he is truly a nose tackle.  The other signings?  Who the heck knows?  Releasing Yeremiah Bell, who led the team in tackles and won the man of the year?  That too was odd.

The Dolphins sure felt awfully close last year - well at least at the end of the season, going 6-3.  It almost felt like maybe they were only a few parts away. from being good.  But with all of the changes, I'm not so sure.

But at least we can still do some celebrity sightings at the stadium!  Maybe with only a handful of fans, we can even get autographs!

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Too often the media reacts like impatient fans. They are quick to criticize and slow to analyze. Rather than jump on the moves the GM makes, try to think why they might be good moves. Try to think three or moves ahead. What moves a feints? What moves are setting up a reverse? Think Soliai. Instead of waiting time about why Marshall was traded for two third rounders, think about the ways the third rounders can be used. Trade value or pick value? What diamonds in the rough are out there? Is there a late round Brady in the mix? Tho no of what young players we have. Where might they fit? Think of putting a team together rather than collecting a roster of individual stars. The great Shula tried ONCE to collect stars around Marino. That failed.