Thursday, March 08, 2012

All this Peyton Manning news is moving pretty fast

I don't know about you guys but this Manning news is going by really quick. Every time I visit or ESPN I see this new report dealing with Manning, whether that be a team just jumped in to the race or a team dropped out. Apparently now the Redskins are out because according to sources Manning's people contacted them saying that he would not play in the same division as his brother. Also Marshall Faulk said Peyton will not go to any of the NFC teams. This makes sense because 1) Manning has spent years studying the AFC teams and at this stage in his career he would not want to go to a new division and 2) Peyton does not want to go to the same conference as Eli. This is one of the reasons when Eli got drafted he did not want to go to the Chargers, he did not want to be in the same division as Peyton.

If these reports are true then that rules out 16 teams automatically just because they are in the NFC. Also you can eliminate team like the Patriots, Colts Steelers etc. for obvious reason. The Dolphins, Jets, Broncos and Titans if all the reports are true. I can't see him going to the Jets and Broncos because I think it would bring too much drama and the Titans don't seem like a likely scenario.

From all the reports that I have read I have come to the conclusion that I seriously think the Dolphins are the favorites. I could be wrong, maybe the Cardinals make a strong case and Manning disregards the fact he could play against his brother to reach the Super Bowl. But it just seems like the Dolphins make so much sense for Manning and the only downside I can find, if this is one, is that he would have to play the Patriots twice and we are in a fairly hard division. However Peyton is extremely competitive and could always make that a plus instead of a negative for the Dolphin's chances.
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