Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Packers do not plan on Franchise tagging Matt Flynn

One of the biggest questions coming from the signing of Finely was if the Packers were going to use the franchise tag on Flynn now that Finely was signed. However according to a source on ESPN Wisconsin they will not franchise him for fear of either not having a trade partner or going into trade talks for a long time and losing out on signing free agents because Flynn would take up 14 million of their cap room. Also the source says that the Packers are not a franchise that runs business that way.

This gives the Dolphins the option of getting either getting Flynn without having to give up draft picks for him. If Flynn would have cost draft picks, like a 2nd round pick, then I would have been 100% certain that the Dolphins should go after Manning. However I am still undecided as to who their signal caller should be next year. Flynn is younger and could give the Dolphins a franchise QB as well as a player who knows the offense. Every time I see highlights of the game vs the Lions I want him to be our QB, however Manning is Manning so I don't really know right now. One thing I am certain about is that I don't envy Ireland job right now.
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Get Flynn , Manning's time has come and gone ala Culpepper.