Friday, February 03, 2012

Marshall doing his best to recruit a QB

We all know by now that Brandon Marshall wants a different QB. About 2 weeks ago Marshall told the media that he had spoken to soon to be free agent Matt Flynn about coming to Miami before the Dolphins hired Philbin. He also said that he would be in contact with Manning soon. I guess soon meant 2 weeks later, because today he went to an event at a local school in Indy which was sponsored by Manning. (The picture on top was taken at the event, Marshall is seen in the background)

I like that Marshall is contacting potential QBs to help this team out and it shows his competitive nature and his desire to win now. He, as well as all of us, knows that we need to upgrade the position and when a soon to be Hall-of-Famer and a QB who set a Packer record in just his 2nd start are more than likely going to be free agents he needs to persuade them as much as he could. Also knowing Marshall he didn't just want to get a big game at the pro bowl for himself but also to convince potential QBs to come to Miami.

Earlier last month Ross had reportedly told someone that his top choice at QB would be Manning and that he would be willing to spend big money on him. And now just this morning a source told Armando something pretty interesting. "His wife is also a big fan of the area," the source told Armando. "He likes the area. He likes the vibe of the area more than you might think. They own a condo down here. And no other team that could be trying to sign him will be able to say that."

I believe it's just going to come down to Manning and Flynn. I think that if Manning isn't medically cleared by then, then the Dolphins will likely get Flynn. However if Manning is healthy Ireland, Ross and Philbin would have a big decision ahead of them. Maybe Marshall's opinion will play a role in it.

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Guess Manning and Dan Marino are golfing buddies also.

Stars are lining up,we just seem to have bad luck though with good things


According to an NFL source Manning has the Dolphins on a short list of teams he would want to go to.