Friday, February 03, 2012

Could Jason Taylor pull a Brett Favre if Peyton Manning comes to the Dolphins?

I was thinking about the possibility of Manning to the Dolphins and then thought about Jason Taylor and the possibility of JT un-retiring if he thinks the Dolphins could be a Super Bowl contender with Manning. We all know that JT doesn't have a ring so the possibility of getting one and ending his career on top, possibly moving up in the all time sack list and the switch back to the 4-3 could make him second guess his decision. JT said he thought he could still play but he thought it was fitting to end his career by beating the jets, but a Super Bowl could be better. Also in an interview with ESPN Manning said he talked to players, one of those being JT, about his situation, so take that for what will. What do you guys think about this?
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id be happy with him back. For some reason fans want to underrate what he did as a nonstarter,but more as a leader. Same with Hartline, the guy averaged over 15 yards a catch but people want to blow a 1st rounder, its nutz.

We have a good team, need a better qb


exactly, we have a good defense and weapons for the QB to make our team playoff contenders.


My goodness will the JT talk ever stop ? The guy is retired, and he should have retired when Miami shipped him off to the Redskins. As bad as Parcell's was even he knew JT was finished 4 years ago.

He will be no more than a wasted roster spot, that will stop another younger playing from getting his chance. Please stop this sillyness, and let the old man enjoy the games on his big screen TV.


you wouldn't like him to end his career in the playoffs or possibly with a super bowl ring?