Saturday, February 18, 2012

Could the Dolphins be used again to drive up the price for Manning?

The Dolphins have been used recently by Fisher and Harbaugh to drive up the price of other organizations and at the end the Dolphins always end up looking bad because it looks like had to settle for their back up plan. I just have the feeling that neither of those coaches were seriously considering Miami and were just letting reports leak that they might be interested to just rise the price because they knew that Ross has a bunch of money he is willing to spend. Now I don't know if Manning is going to do this to us but it could be a real possibility. He could just leak information that the Dolphins are in hist top 3 teams he wants to go to, but in reality the Dolphins are his backup plans in case a certain list of teams don't want him.

I just don't want to see us looking like we got our 2nd choices at head coach and QB. It might be in their best interest to just pursue Flynn, who probably has the Dolphins as his top option, than Manning who could have the Cardinals as his top option. However this is just my speculation, for all we know Manning could have the Dolphins as his top option. This is why the Dolphins are in a risky position with Manning, if they try to get him he could just use us to drive up the price for another team, we could lose out on Flynn if we get caught up too much with Manning, and even if we do get him we might not see him play a down this season because of his injury.

Which do you guys think is less of a risk Manning with all the things I just mentioned plus his age, or Flynn because of his lack of playing time?
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i dont think Manning to skins or cardinals is good, they have putrid offenive lines and very little depth on offense. After Fitz theres nobody for wr's, same with Wells. If Cardinals didnt make that trade last year, they would have been sitting pretty this year. Instead its the Dolphins,for not making a bad qb decision last year on kolb or Orton and Young, and Dangello Williams or ahmed Bradshaw. Could have been real bad


I also think Flynn is overrated, one look at the 6 td game will tell you most of those td's werent becuase he was an elite qb.Almost all were blown tackles and assignments or great plays by the wr or rb. Both great games he had came during meaningless games on a superbowl squad.

I say go for manning, even a 75% manning is better then all the fa qb's. And or trade up for rg3. I dont buy were in a bad position to trade up just because the browns have an extra late 1st round pick.We have players to trade Flynn will go to browns or redskins if not a phin.

We should trade Matt Moore, hes going to ride the bench and be a FA next year regardless. Gte a 2nd or 3rd for him now.We never seem to trade players when ts right to get value. Matts moore is at his highest value, and played more then 2 games.


yup i am so glad we got Reggie Bush instead. Also i see what you mean, hopefully its the cards who Manning uses to raise the price and he is not serious about


Thats fair to say, I think Flynn is a risk because he has only played 2 games. Luckily we have Philbin who has been Flynn all 4 years and he was able to compare him to Aaron Rodgers, who is arguably the best QB in the league, to see how they compare in practice.

I think however Moore would be a great backup plus he is pretty cheap and would be needed if Manning gets injured