Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Channing Crowder returning to the NFL?

So apparently according to Crowder himself he has generated interest from team and he is planning on playing in 2012 with basically any team except for the Dolphins. The reason for this is because Channing does not want to go to a team that has Ireland as GM.

"I wouldn't "I wouldn’t go on a team with Jeff Ireland," said Crowder. "I’m not very confident in him. He doesn’t know what he’s doing in my opinion. He’s real disrespectful. He doesn’t know how to deal with people."

"He’s not a good person," Crowder also said. "He has no class and I wouldn’t choose to go back and play there. And I would have to say it’s the only team I don’t want to play for."

Ok where do I start with this, Crowder is actually drawing interest from NFL teams? Or could it just be an arena or CFL team, he didn't give any names of the teams that have contacted him. Second why did he feel the need to say this about Ireland? I mean I know that Ireland cut him, but this is a business and if they could upgrade the position, which they clearly did with Burnett, it's obvious. Maybe if Crowder made an impact on the field he would have needed to say these things from the radio. If this came from a player like Ray Lewis about his GM then I would listen but due to Crowder history of talking smack, I think this was just a case of Crowder holding a grudge with Ireland because they cut him and the player they got produced on the field and made more plays on the field. Channing just came off as a child blaming Ireland, come on Channing your better than that....I think.
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