Saturday, February 04, 2012

Bill Belichick for one day can you just grow a heart?

Belichick has been heartless in the past and has not cared about anyone, but what he just did to Tiquan Underwood is way over the top. If you haven't already heard, Belichick and the patriots cut Underwoods today, 1 day before the Super Bowl. They decided to promote a defensive lineman from the practice squad because they felt, a day before the Super Bowl, that they needed another lineman who will be lucky to get 1 play in. Nice job Belichick you made Underwood fly all his family over, probably bought really expensive tickets and went through all the festivities for you to cut him. One thing is if he would have cut him 2 weeks ago so that he didn't have to go through bringing his family to Indy but he just decided to make him have the worst day of his life. I have no doubt that there are prisoners that have more heart than Bill. How any man can root for this guy is beyond me. Hopefully he gets blown out tomorrow or finds out he's adopted.


  1. OR......maybe he just wants to win. I wish miami had a coach that had 5 Superbowls to his credit(in the past 10 years!)

    1. but then why didn't he just cut him 2 weeks ago, so he didn't have to spend his money and time bringing his family over to Indy?

    2. Before I say this I want you to know I dislike the Patriots a lot!
      A defensive lineman may have gotten hurt or tweaked something in practice yesterday. This could be insurance. I don't claim to know the whole situation, but saying something like that could have happened. We won't know.
      I still think Belicheat has room to have his heart grow to at least three times the size of a mustard seed.

    3. maybe but then that player would have to be on the injury report, Len