Monday, January 02, 2012

"The Times They Are A Changin'"

With the end of 2011, Dolphins Nation finds itself at the crossroads of change, and on every front. Notable endings/transitions included the firing of Tony Sparano, the retirement of Jason Taylor, and Dan Marino's 1984 yardage mark for passing in a single season. And more change is in the offing.

A few weeks ago, Dave offered followers of this blog the opportunity to post as he considers changes to the site. I thank him publicly for letting me take a shot for comment in this space to this devoted following.

By way of short introduction, I've been devoted to one team, fervently supporting the Dolphins through thick and thin, for the better part of 40 years, and this devotion shall never die. I'll avoid boring you with too many other personal details other than to say I'm a 20+ year Marine (still going strong!) with an Ivy League post-graduate education. The only reason I share this is to give you some reassurance that Dave's tradition of calling things straight is not in jeopardy.

Given the pivotal time 2012 represents for the team and fan base, I'm looking forward (hopefully) to future posts here. The opportunities for analysis and comment are almost endless and who knows, maybe, just maybe, this blog may play some small part in the revival of our team. That said, I'll be commenting on "next steps" shortly now that the team has already initiated coaching interviews.

Better days are ahead - Keep the faith!


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