Sunday, January 08, 2012

Thats the feeling we need to experience

Wouldn't that have been great if the Dolphins were involved in the game the Broncos just had?

As you already know the Dolphins this season has been a really boring team and at some points during the season I, like most of
you, had complete apathy for whatever the Dolphins did. This fan base needs to experience what the Broncos' fans just felt right now. Its been a while since this team has won a playoff game. Sure the 08 season was special and exciting but we weren't able to win the playoff game. I would love to see a player like RG3 (or maybe someone like Flynn or Moore if he could develop more next season) in a Dolphins uniform and bring an exciting style of football here and ultimately deliver this franchise a playoff win and ultimately a Superbowl win.

Also how can you not root for Tebow? He is one of the most exciting players to watch and is a model citizen. Maybe if you didn't root for him today, I hope that you do to beat Brady. Also how fitting that Tebow threw for 316 yards. If your religious you will understand.

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If you are not religious you may understand too, Rich.


God's team may be the Cowboys but I think Jesus is a Broncos' fan. If the Broncos' D-Line can get to Brady, we might very well see another "miracle."


yeah people might still understand both ways, just wasn't sure if everyone would get it if they are of different religions or what not.

and Jose there is nothing i want to see more than watching Brady get frustrated because his line isn't holding up and he is taking a sack every play. Also i want to see Tebow tear up the worst Defense in the NFL. I want the idea that defense wins championships to still hold up