Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ross wants Philbin but Ireland wants McCoy

Adam Schefter reported that there is a split in opinions on who should be the next coach should be. Ross wants Philbin but Ireland apparently wants McCoy. It'll pretty interesting to see who has the final say, most likely Ross. Hopefully one of the candidates stands apart from the pack during the interviews. I think when its all said and done though Philbin will ultimately get the job and according to other sources he will likely bring in the quarterbacks guru Tom Clements to be the Dolphins Offensive Coordinator and will more than likely bring in Flynn at quarterback. I wouldn't getting coaches and players from the Packers, at least they will bring that winning attitude here and at least that team is better than the cowboys team in 08 when we got almost all their backups.


  1. Let's see and try this....
    Ross = Owns the team.
    Ireland = Works for the team.

    Ross - W (1-0)
    Ireland - L (0-1)

    Ok, how about this one....
    Ross = Writes the checks
    Ireland = Cashs the checks signed by Ross.

    Ross - W (2-0)
    Ireland - L (0-2) - no surprise here

    It's obvious who is going to win, so let's just finish this madness and move on!

    1. lol so true, i want Philbin here too.