Saturday, January 28, 2012

Possible new Dolphins uniforms?

In a previous post, one commenter - Greg - had a picture they wanted to post.  So, here it is!  

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Hey Dave,

As I watch the three consecutive Dolphin Super Bowls on NFL Network, I ponder the subtle changes they made over those three seasons. They had two different logos on the helmets in the same game. Seems like a few of the vets didn't want to conform to the new look. I combined them to make these comps.  With a little twist of light gray "porpoise" pants and alternate jersey.



  1. white and silver look great, the aqua needs a different pants to match with it

  2. Like the older version logo from the late '80s and '90s like you show here. Don't like the silver though. Stick with Aqua, Orange and White. Three colors are enough! Management only added blue to try to boost clothing sales!! And "They" never should have went to the cartoon Dolphin!

  3. This is awesome! As a traditionalist, I hate the cartoon dolphin and want the original back. But as a realist in the corporate world of the NFL, they need to sell merchandise. This is the best for both!

  4. Greg-- I've been posting your rendition everywhere. Now the Miami Herald is asking for submissions for proposed logo / uniform changes in response to the (God awful) leaked logo that's going around. Greg, PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF OUR TEAM submit your design! It's got a great shot of winning!

    1. Thanks Lee! Believe me, I did! A couple times. They declined it.

      These "new" logos being leaked are making me sick to my stomach. Why does the ownership not have the sense to go back to the classic look?

      I updated mine before I sent it to the herald. They still no likie!.ugh . . .[user]=134350073&filters[recent]=1&filters[publicOnly]=1&sort=1&o=0

  5. These are great!!!! The classic vintage look is killing it. I would love them to go back to a version of the old school uni`s. But would like the green to be more of an aqua, turquoise. I also think the helmet would look great with the logo on one side and then a grey fin on the other side with the players # on it. Fins Up.