Friday, January 20, 2012

Philbin is the guy?

Seems as though its a done deal, and Miami goes the route of Green Bay's OC.

Like all of you, I have no idea of Philbin will be any good.  Sure Green Bay's offense was good - very good - this year, but while he game planned, he didn't call the plays.  Still, being associated with a winner is a good thing.

But I have one rather large concern about him: how effective will he be in light of his son's death?  I'm a parent, too, and I can't even imagine what this loss would be like, nor how it would affect me.  But, I would generally think it would be a distraction.  It sure seemed like it when he coached the Packers last weekend, didn't it?

If I were Mr. Ross, I would have let him know that unfortunately its not in my team's - or his - best interest to consider him for a head coach opportunity under the circumstances, and moved on.

But Mr. Ross who wanted to make the big hire, went ahead with what appears to be a yawn! at this point.

Here's to hoping it works out, and he's here for more than 2 years, and has some amount of success.

Good luck to us, fans, good luck to us.  It doesn't appear on paper that this will work out. But who knows?
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I think the Dolphins got this one right, i think we might have dodged a bullet in Jeff Fisher because look at who he wants to be his offensive coordinator. that would have been a decade of mediocrity. I like this hire because its a 3 in 1. Philbin, Tom Clements (rumors are he would come with Philbin, and Flynn. Head coach, offensive coordinator and QB.