Friday, January 20, 2012

Joe Philbin will be the Dolphins next head coach

Finally, we got the news that we had been waiting for and expecting all day today. Joe Philbin will be the Dolphins new head coach and after numerous reports on how McCoy was the Dolphins leading candidates yesterday, Philbin is the one who gets the job. The Dolphins did a really good job not saying anything and making everyone believe we would hire McCoy.

I, like most of you, love this hire I wrote a piece on Philbin last week where I said that I wanted Philbin because he comes from a really explosive offense with the Packers and he could bring in Flynn and sure up our O-line, something that Sparano supposedly a O-line guru couldn't do. Philbin doesn't call the plays but he does make the game plans, and as you saw last week that the Packers aren't the same team without all of his full game planing because of his tragedy of his son. Hopefully he brings here some Packers coaches (our offensive coordinator will likely be Tom Clements the QB coach and someone who people say does a really good job at what he does) and some players and bring a winning attitude here. Philbin isn't a big name but I believe he is the right choice. Plus he knows all the strengths of Flynn because Philbin has coached him for 4 years.

Now time for 2 months of Matt Flynn talk.
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