Saturday, January 21, 2012

Glimmers of Hope

In my previous post, I noted that "the times they are a changing'" and that theme certainly continues to play out. Today, with the announcement by Miami's front office that Joe Philbin is the new head coach for the Dolphins, I have my first glimmer of hope that our owner and team are no longer adrift.

What to make of this decision by Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland - what does it say about them? In my view, it offers the suggestion that owner Ross, after many embarrassments along the steep learning that comes with being a rookie owner in big time pro sports, may finally be getting his bearings. And it further suggests that actions from team leadership are improving in both coordination and effect. Taken individually or collectively, these are good signs.

Further, what to make of Coach Philbin himself? My personal feeling is the Dolphins have found a more modern and slightly more aggressive version of Tom Laundry which is good medicine. The franchise has long needed to eliminate the huge pendulum swings of emotion, philosophy, and organization that have minimized the opportunity for success. Great organizations, regardless of how they look on the outside, are almost universally "no-nonsense" and settled once you peer behind the curtain. Look for Coach Philbin to provide a mature and steady hand to all areas of this team. Gone are the days of Nick Saban's hubris and indignation, of Cam Cameron's misguided notions, of Dave Wandstadt's limited vision, and Tony Sparano's inability to make in-game adjustments and favor of the field goal as opposed to touchdowns.

Next steps - What to expect? I'll tread lightly before jumping full tilt on the Matt Flynn bandwagon, but do believe the Dolphins have an incredible advantage in landing him IF he is as good as the tease from his limited performances. I know it is no bad thing for Flynn to have apprenticed in the stable and winning environment of Green Bay and at the foot of one of the top 3 quarterbacks in the league. The bandwagon I will jump on is that of Jermichael Finley. Huge upgrade for our team if we land him. If Flynn is as advertised and he and Finley come as a package deal, our draft is free to plug other badly needed holes and the Phins become truly competitive for the AFC East for the first time in many years.

Better days are ahead - Keep the faith!
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