Saturday, January 07, 2012

Fisher Is Likely To End Up With The Rams

Jason La Canfora is reporting via that Jeff Fisher, the Dolphins top option, will likely take the head coaching job from the Rams. I sort of have mixed emotions on this. On one side I know he was the Dolphins top choice so I know they saw something in him (maybe just dollar signs) but i also want a new coach and not someone who has been fired from coaching already.

For some reason I like the Packer's offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. One thing that can't be ignored is the success he has had with the Packer offense. I know he doesn't call the plays (McCarthy does that) but he gets the offensive players prepared during the week and if he does not feel comfortable calling the plays, we can either hire a coordinator who can do it or just keep Daboll who is already doing it. I like the idea of getting Philbin because that also means we have a good shot at keeping Mike Nolan and remember the Packers run a 3-4 anyways unlike what Fisher wants to run a 4-3. The Philbin addition could also bring Matt Flynn, who just last week threw for 6 TDs and defeated a Lions team that needed a win to jump ahead of the Falcons for the #5 spot.

Philbin has been interviewed by the Chiefs but they have said that they wanted to keep Romoe Cornell. Please leave a comment on your opinion of Philbin, Thanks.

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I think Philbin would be great because we have a great defense that needs an offense that compliments it really well. We need to be able to win some shoot-outs with teams like New England and utilize our offensive weapons better. This could could also help bring Matt Flynn with him. That would be better than draft leftovers.