Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brandon Marshall awarded being MVP of the Pro Bowl after catching 4 TDs

Larry Fitzgerald seemed to have the MVP locked up after scoring 2 quick TDs in a game that looked like a blowout. Then things just took a 180 turn after the onside kick when the players in the AFC woke up and decided to play. Brandon Marshall went crazy afterwards scoring 4 TDs to help lead the AFC to a win and it gave Marshall the MVP. After a season in which he only had 4 TDs he scored 4 in the pro bowl. During each interview he credited the Qbs for throwing it in the right areas which made it easy for him. Marshall probably didn't mean it as a knock on Matt Moore but it sounded like it. It sounded like he was hinting that he wanted a new Qb. Marshall told reporters last week that he had spoken to Flynn about the possibility of him coming down to Miami which along with the interviews really hints that he wants Flynn to be throwing him the ball instead of Moore.

I think somewhere Flynn just decided where his top choice would be if and when he hits free agency. Flynn just looks like the obvious choice now that we have Philbin as our head coach. Its also looks like Marshall would love him here as well. I know Ross said, through his people, that his top choice would be Manning, but I just think that Manning isn't going to be healthy enough that the Dolphins would take a chance on him and pursue Flynn instead. I'm sure Philbin, who apparently had a great relationship with Flynn, and Marshall will convince Ross and Ireland to get Flynn, leaving the Dolphins to worry about other positions in the draft.

Also in other news Sean Smith tweeted to Vontae Davis that there will be a change to the uniform and that they will look a "little different". Possibly a new Qb, new coach and new uniforms, can't wait until next season
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Trade Marshall this week while his stock is up!


i think that would lead to the firing of Ireland lol