Monday, January 02, 2012

Absurdities abound

The bizarre story about santonio Holmes getting benched (and no one talking about it) late in the game leads my list. What in the heck was going on there? And I have to figure that had as much to do with the jets losing as anything else.

Chad henne wants to come back to Miami. Says he'll be around until they kick him out. Only he hasn't actually been around in 6-7 weeks - he is in California rehabbing. Which in itself is weird if you think about it.

Jeff Ireland apparently is safe. Or maybe not? Miami reached out to cowher and he declined to be interviewed, and reportedly he was miffed about the Ireland situation. (among other factors)

Carl petersen had dinner with John gruden and offered him the job (per Ross' request). Gave him full control over personnel. Gruden declined.

They're on to fisher who expressed reservations about coming to Miami but accepted an interview.

Ireland, for his part, released a statement that sounded odd and contained several words used incorrectly. Gotta love that someone took the time to review it.

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Would you mind posting or pointing to where that statement is shown? Is it on the Dolphins homepage?

If the above is true (about Cowher and Gruden) then we have zero chance of Fisher coming here - thanks Ross, for keeping Ireland.


The statement was from the proverbial "a source," but I also saw it on a twitter post from (I think) Armando.


The Ireland statement was available on the dolphins site