Saturday, December 24, 2011

That was odd.

I watched a fair amount of this game (hey, its Christmas eve, and I'm just sitting on my couch anyway!)...the first half was strange.  Not so much because Miami took the lead, but more because Tom Brady looked completely off.  Maybe he stayed up all night with his son.  Maybe his wife is making him take out the garbage.  Who knows?  So it was 17-0 and he was not the player we've come to expect.
And then came the second half.  Miami did a lot of things right - much as they had in the first half - but Brady suddenly looked in control.  And the net result was that the Pats mounted a comeback to win.
So I was wrong that the Pats would blow out the Fins; nevertheless they won.  And Gronkowski had another big day.
Ho hum.
Now please join me back in reality where the Fins need a coach, a QB, and a GM.  We don't have any of those things.

Welcome new bloggers

I have a few people who would like to try guest blogging on the site.  So, please join me in welcoming some new names you'll see down in the "by line"....I think this is exciting, and hope it brings a new flavor to this blog!


The Key Match-Up To Watch For

First of all hello, this is my first post here and I was one of the people who emailed Dave about being interested in blogging for this site. I am really looking forward to sharing my thoughts with everyone and I hope you enjoy my first post.

There are many match-ups to watch for today, such as the Dolphins secondary VS the Patriots Wrs or the Dolphins LBs VS the Patriots TEs, but none is bigger than the Dolphins D-Line VS the Patriots O-Line. When you look at the teams that have beaten the Patriots this season two of the three, the Giants and Steelers, have been able to get to Brady by only sending 4 and letting 7 drop in coverage. As much as people like to say that Brady is as cool as it gets during the game, he gets rattled easily when the pressure is on him. However Brady is really good at picking up the blitz and can hit his hot read and let them do the work, so the blueprint to beating the Patriots and Tom Brady is getting to the QB with only 4. So I believe if Wake has a big day so will the Dolphins.


To quote Mr. T from one of the Rocky movies "Paiiiin"

Some people think this will be a close game.  Me?  Not so much.  I'm going Patriots 35, Dolphins 17.

Even though the "Sparano factor" (ie, that Bellichick would always find ways to beat the guy who embarrassed him) is no more - I still think the Patriots will find ways to shut down Miami's run game, and contain the pass.  Meanwhile Brady will have his usual kind of day.  I see Gronkowski and Hernandez coming in with about 10 passes each.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Bloggers wanted

Anyone have an interest in writing for this blog?  If so, drop me a line - - and we can see how it goes.

There's no pay, but you get a chance to see your name in lights, and have your thoughts read by dozens, no make that hundreds, no wait thousands of readers world wide.

Monday, December 19, 2011

A simple truth

There are a couple of talented players on Miamis roster, but I still contend that there is a serious lack of talent on the roster overall.

Why bring this up? On any given Sunday ANY team in the nfl can beat any other team in the nfl.

Miami beat the chiefs and the raiders. The raiders were killed by the packers. The chiefs beat the packers.

Does that mean Miami is as good as the packers? Of course not. But if they played them maybe they could beat them. Then again, play them 10 times, and the packers would surely win 8.

Marino's passing record

During halftime of the second game yesterday, Marino handled hilights of the Saints game.  "Looks like my record is going to fall this year," quoth he, referring to his 5,084-yard passing record which he set during Regan's first term.  Drew was 6 when that record was set...

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Perfectville seems like an idyllic place. A place that is unique and will remain at population of 1 until....who knows? Maybe forever. The odds are long for any team to get there. And that mountain does seem insurmountable.

Several of the players on that 72 team told me that they think the feat will never be matched; maybe they are right.

Kudos to that truly special and unique team, and a pox on you that deny them their place as one of the - if not the - best teams ever.

It's hard to believe that nearly 40 years have passed; and this dolphins team feels like its in an alternate universe rather than being connected to "greatness"

Wanker Nomination

Our own wanker points out:

> Why do they call it a "touchdown" when - as evidenced at the end of Reggie's fine 76 yard run today against the Bills, he "touched down" in the end zone and was called for an unsportsmanlike for going to ground. Isn't what he did the personification of the name of the score?? Should we start calling it "ball in the general vicinity yet above the ground and in no way down..." ???
> So Wanker nomination for whoever made the rule that actually "touching down" in a touchdown, was against the rules!!!!!!!
> Best
> Other wanker!

Live it up dolphins fans

The chiefs - who ain't so good - knocked off the packers - who are very good. I think it was a simple case of two old nfl rivals playing old school ball.

And thus preserveth the legacy of the 72 fins.

In other news, your current dolphins won. Believe what you want, but this game was won because the bills were inept whenever it mattered.