Friday, November 25, 2011

An interesting stat

Mike Beradino pointed out the following:

Thursday's loss left them 7-22 in Sparano's four seasons against teams that either ended the year as winners or currently stand above .500. That's barely a 24-percent success rate against legitimate playoff contenders.

That says a lot about the abilities of the team and its coach, doesn't it? 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fins next coach?

I still hold out hope that we saw Miamis next head coach on the field today.

He was across the field calling defenses for the cowboys, his long (luscious?) hair blowing in the breeze.

His demeanor was always there for all to see. He was emotional, passionate, and clearly can coach.

Ahhh wouldn't Rob Ryan be a nice fit.


I thought I caught a glimpse of a 99 jersey today.

But it was on a guy in the stands. And *that guy* (who was older and definitely not in shape) had 2 tackles and a qb hurry.

Unlike the guy who reportedly wears that uniform for the fins.

Brandon Marshall

I have to call out BM for what he is (in a way what I just wrote says it all). He's an "elite receiver" and yet todays score was only his 5th in 11 games.

And this td was one with a guy flat out giving him a prostate exam while he made the catch. And on other plays he barely even tries.

That's wankerific overall.

Bill Parcells, really?

He's a semi finalist for the hall of fame and many have said "he's a lock".

Based on his work with the giants, and the patsies, maybe he belongs there. But his attitude with the jets, and his performance with the cowboys brings that down a couple of notches.

And his wankerish behavior here should just taint his legacy and flat out disqualify him!!!

But it's the "old boys" network and they can overlook that....dunderheads!! You talk tough about character counting, and about how maybe oj Simpson doesn't belong. And yet this guy is a lock.

Wanker of the week

This week, I'm going Tony Sparano. He made his share of mistakes with schemes, general play calling, and clock management.

Overall, I'd say the loss was on him. The team was in a position to win and they didn't. That's coaching.

Back to reality.

That was a fun, generally well played game. It could have gone either way and unfortunately did not go Miami's way. we know that Miami isn't quite what some thought they would be. They can do no better than average (8-8).

And that means the inane playoff talk can stop now. Please?

Interestingly when Miami scored its lone (!!! They are back to scoring field goals) TD, they decided to go for one. At the time I wondered why they didn't go for 2; and in the end that was the difference.

Happy Thanksgiving

Take a moment and reflect on where you are in life and give thanks for those things you have...

And don't eat too much turkey!!!

Enjoy the fins game today.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Still with the cowboy connections?

Sparano was talking yesterday about how well Matt Moore was playing.

Then he added "it's kind of like the effect Tony Romo had on the cowboys. He's a guy that from day one down there has been able to get that team moving. It's kind of the things even I've seen in Matt Moore"

Monday, November 21, 2011

How strange

Adam Schefter reports on the dealings of flex schedules. In years past visiting afc teams were on CBS, visiting NFC on fox. Here's the news

A change in broadcast networks for the Denver Broncos-Minnesota Vikings game in Week 13 revealed changes in the way the NFL will broadcast its games.

The NFL on Monday announced that the Detroit Lions-New Orleans Saints game was flexed to the Sunday night spot on NBC. The Broncos-Vikings game, which originally was on CBS, was switched to Fox at 1 p.m. ET. Also, the Indianapolis Colts-New England Patriots game, which was the scheduled Sunday night game on Dec. 4, reverts to 1 p.m. on CBS and the Baltimore Ravens-Cleveland Browns game was moved to 4:05 p.m. ET on CBS.

The NFL couldn't leave Fox with only two early games in its doubleheader week, so it took a game from CBS who had eight, according to a league source.

It is the first time that this has happened to the league's knowledge. In the new NFL deal, there will be lots of this -- switching games between networks and less emphasis on CBS being the home for AFC games and the same for Fox and NFC games.

It is a way for the NFL to close the disparity between what CBS pays and what Fox pays.

Oh now I get it!

In 2009, the fins had many games where they were dominated in the first half and in the second half they had to mount furious comebacks. Quotes from players said they were a great second half team.

In 2010, they reversed course and had good first halves and struggled in the second half.

Now in '11, I think it changed to being a season instead of a game. They got beat around in the first half and are trying to make a furious comeback.

If they could just do it for a whole game - or season - they might actually be good. Rather than average.

Did he really just say that?

Brian Billick was on "the herd" today and was talking about Tony Sparano as a potential candidate for coach of the year.

That's crazy talk. Did he forget miami started off 0-7? Yes they are better. But c'mon man!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Note to NFL teams

Devin Hester is really, really good.

You really should not punt the ball to him; if that's your plan, you are better off just going for it on 4th down.

Here's a funny thought

Suppose the fins do manage to go 9-7 and find themselves in the playoffs. Can you imagine them winning big and getting to the superbowl with a chance to defend their historical honor against the 18-0 packers?

Yeah and then hell would freeze over.

That's greeeaaaat

Live it up dolfans. The fins went out and dominated the bills and now are 3-7.

Good for them and I'm sure they are proud of their accomplishment. But I can't get excited about it.

Why? Because I'm insulted that they started 0-7 and are suddenly playing good football. Where the Frick wad this effort when it still mattered?

And don't give me none of the Jibba Jabba about them still "having a chance". That's stupid, and also insulting.

Sure, I'm kinda happy that they won. But you just can't mask the stench around this team.

And I'm sure tomorrow the talk will be about their great game - and I already heard a talkshow host talking about the great job matt Moore and Tony Sparano are doing. At caramba!

Anyway it is what it is.

My wanker of the week is kicker Dan Carpenter. Dude gets a mysterious injury and they have to sign another kicker. You're a kicker. Injured?

Quote of the day

Mark Duper was asked who he thought would win today's game. He started with a very sarcastic voice and said "the dolphins because they have the best linebacker and corner in the NFL!!"

That elicited a great laugh from the host - and others.