Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm a believer

Okay, I'm not much for people who wear religion on their sleeves (that's not to say I have any issues with people having a religion, I just prefer to be a personal thing).  And I never really thought much of the hype that follows Tim Tebow, while he was at Florida, or when he reached the NFL.

People come with flaws, and I'm sure he has some.

But, Dan Lebatard made a comment the other day that rings so true - to paraphrase - no matter what you say about Tim Tebow, its all true.  He can't throw an accurate pass. True. He can win games.  True.

And after watching his performance against the Jets last night, I'm sold.  I saw him play in college.  I watched a few of his early games.  I watched his comeback against the Fins, and attributed it to the Fins just being bad.  I watched the hilights of him beating down the Chiefs last week with only 2 completions (and running the triple option!).  And last night, I was sold.

The guy is just plain good.  He has good football smarts, can move, and simply can win games.

And that is what makes a good QB.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dolphins on tv

I thought the attached article was interesting - especially the part about a proposed bill to require Florida teams to be in tv.

Will the Dolphins-Bills game be on television?,0,1445456.story?track=rss

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My grandmother

Oh wait. The title should be vontae's grandmother.

Apparently Vontae's granny pulled a page from my grandmothers playbook and started talking about how it goes with these young athletes. (only my grandmother would have gone A LOT further-literally)

Anyway I was amused. Especially by this quote: "I told him it's all right to make mistakes because we all make mistakes," Adaline Davis says. "But you have to learn from them. If you don't, you're a fool."

That's something my grandmother said to me. And don Shula

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Clarifying how I feel about the team

As I sometimes note, I do read my emails and the comments on the posts.

And as I read through some of them, I came to realize that my slant on things may be a little different than I generally intend.

I have been a little negative I freely admit. I intended to be a little more sarcastic, but that isn't happening as much as I'd like.

I still like the team - I want them to succeed. But the hole they dug was their own doing, and I am calling them out for it.

I never want them to all-out lose. And getting the #1 overall pick is the ultimate in bad (we came close once; it sucked!)

But when the team opens 0-7, the door opened on the possibility to getting an early pick and perhaps righting some of the old wrongs, it seemed okay with me.

And now they're winning. I'm on the fence about whether I think it's good or bad. I'd like to see them win. But what if they went 9-7? The team would get a middle of the pack pick. And what does steve Ross do?

I hope he does the right thing. And I'd like to think the next coach/gm would do the right thing - whatever it takes to act with conviction.

But history doesn't show this as the path.

And so I chip away at it. I really don't want them to lose. I just want them to finally turn the corner and get "better"

Now as for talent: a few weeks ago I looked position by position at the 22 starters. I don't believe these guys are any better - on the whole.

Since jeff churned the roster and there are only a handful of pre-jeff players on the roster, it's all on him.

So that's my story.

All-22 Film

I am a student of the game. I love the intricacies of the game. When I go in person, I generally like to sit higher up so I can watch "the play develop".

It looked for a while like the NFL might release the "all 22" video so you could see the sane from your computer. 

But - psych! - they decided not to. Bummer 

The packers

I've watched them play a few times this year, and I'm going to go on record and say they *will* go 19-0.

I don't see any flaws in their team.

Mercury Morris had better get a phone call because they are sniffing around for property in perfectville.

Have we lost our collective minds?

A few weeks ago, we were all - the media, the fans, talk radio hosts - talking about how bad this team was.  How it was bereft of talent.  How the #1 overall pick was within our grasp.

And then the Fins go out and win two games, one at home (which hasn't happened since about 1956, or so it would seem), and the media and many fans start talking about the talent on this team.  How they're playing together.  How great they're doing.

And I just don't understand it.  This team has a few decent players on it., but "talent" is sorely lacking.  They managed to win two games, after losing 7.  They're going nowhere.  And the wins were against the god-awful Redskins and the Chiefs who lost to the legend of Tebow this week.

They are as bad as the '07 team.  The difference here is coaching.  Cam was awful.  The bootin' bull keeps them motivated and handles himself well in-game for the most part.

So net-net, I don't see that optimism.

As for the Redskins, I saw a few hilights, and the one thing I'd say to Vontae "I act like a pro when I'm in the mood" Davis and Karlos "I think I'm the best, but y'all know better" Dansby, is that I can't give you much credit.  My non-football-playing grandmother could have made either of those picks.  There was no pass rush, and Grossman threw a couple of bad balls.  In fact, I would argue that the Dolphins should have made more picks.  Their ineptitude showed through there.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

the logic is flawed

Jared Odrick said of his alma mater (Penn State):
 "It's unfortunate what's going on up there, but we're on the mend. Our heart goes out to the victims and also to those it affects negatively who don't deserve to be affected, like the players and obviously the families and victims, but also the university, too.
"A lot of people didn't have any involvement in that, and now people want to try to tarnish something that's too good to be tarnished. A lot of Penn Staters believe in that school, and so do I. Things are going to get resolved up there and things will get back to normal soon enough."

 I have a problem with this, and its the mindset of the football team - there and in other settings - that football is all-important and that somehow it transcends the rest of the world.  

What happened at the university is nothing short of criminal, and clearly there was a "lack of institutional control"....the department of education and the justice department are looking into it.  Which means its much larger than anyone might have thought.

And since it went on for years, "normal" would imply that things just continue on, blind eye and all.

Also, there's the offhanded nature of saying "of course the victims" - frankly they are all that matter.  And I wouldn't have a problem with shutting down the football program, or the school, if the problems run that deep. 

Not losing is pretty cool

It came down to the wire.  There was no winner an hour into the final period, and time was ticking down, until finally a victor was announced.

Just what is Dave talking about?  Its definitely not the Dolphins game.  I didn't have time for that - and as I told you a couple of weeks ago, I don't care about the team right now, anyway.

And I didn't have time because?  I was busy doing the Herald Hunt (, only THE most awesome event - which is the brainchild of Dave Barry and happens somewhere in Miami one fall Sunday each year.  And this year, it was today.  It was glorious. 

There are 5 vexing yet fun puzzles to solve that lead to a final puzzle.  My team got 4 of the 5 puzzles, and we were trying to figure out the last one when Dave announced the 6th and final puzzle. 

And we were stumped.  But, we were in luck as no one solved it in the next we still had a chance.  And it was the first time NO ONE solved the final puzzle.  So, he started giving us the solutions and that's when someone finally figured it out.

It was tricky, and people booed, but man what a blast! 

For those of you have followed my blog for a while, you know this is an annual event for me.  But usually I tivo the dolphins game.  This time, I chose not to.  So when I got in my car around 4:30, I heard the phins had won.  And as I said last week: yipee?

I have no real clue about how they did, or how the Redskins played.  But what difference does it make?

So there's my look at the game for this week.  Whatever.