Saturday, November 05, 2011

Take solace

Yeah maybe the dolphins are 0-7 but at least we dolphins fans have reason to cheer: little Nicky's team lost to another team he jilted.

Suck on that Saban!!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Andrew Luck

I had insomnia last night.  I had two of Stanford's games on my Tivo.  So, I flipped through the games and watched Luck play.

Now let me say that I think he is a very good QB, and one who shows a high "football IQ"...he seems to understand the game, and can motivate his team in various ways.

And he probably will be a very good - possibly elite - QB in the NFL.  But there are no guarantees. And while he looked good, he also has an amazing running game, appears to have a solid line protecting him, and has some good athletes in the receiving positions.  Plus, Stanford happens to play in the PAC-12, which has some good schools - but nothing of the caliber of the NFL.

Meaning, its hard to know how good he really is, and how he would play on a team that's lacking in some of the key areas.  Say you put him on the Dolphins with all their shortcomings.  I have to imagine he would struggle.  Learning the NFL game is tough.  Learning it with a team that's been "assembled" by a new coach is doubly tough.

The kid is being hailed as the great savior of any franchise.  I have my doubts about that distinction, and  wonder if he could live up to the expectation that comes with it.

Sure, Cam Newton stepped right in.  But Carolina was a decent team for years under John Fox.  And the new guy didn't have to rebuild.  He added Cam and a few pieces, and put Cam in a position to succeed.  Cam, in a way, was lucky.  Luck?  Probably not so much.  If he were to go to the Colts, he'd be joining an aging team that's on the downhill slope.  Maybe he gets lucky and Manning stays around a few more years as they rebuild.  Maybe he doesn't, and it would be a 'disaster' kind of like here.

So...don't hang your hopes on a single player.  He may be great, but he can't single-handedly bring the Fins back from the brink.

Where do we go from here?

A friend and I were looking at the roster. We asked: which players are really any good, players you might want to build around?  The answer was these guys: Jake Long, Mike Pouncey, Daniel Thomas, Davone Bess, Paul Soliai, and Vontae Davis.  Plus Dan Carpenter and Brandon Fields.

So that's 8 players on a 53-man roster.

If I were a new coach coming in, that would probably set me back.  Sure, there are probably another 15-20 players who you might argue are "good enough" or "serviceable" but that's still less than half of a roster.  And of course a coach generally likes to make over a roster in his own image.

In all, that means there are a lot of holes to fill.  And its going to take time.  I wouldn't be surprised if this team wasn't very good for at least another 5-7 years.  And that means the new coach - whoever he is - has to be committed to a TEN-YEAR plan.  Needs to be in it for the long-haul.

It hasn't been fun to be a Dolphins fan in the last decade, and it's going to stay that way for at least the next half-decade.


Thursday, November 03, 2011

How the Phins got to this state

Back in 1999, Marino retired, JJ stepped down, and Wanny stepped in.  He had a decent team - heck a great defense - but it would only last so long.

In 1999, the team went 9-7, and wound up with the 24th pick in the draft, but Dave traded out of the first round.
In 2000, they went 11-5, and wound up with the 26th pick
In 2001, again 11-5, and the Dolphins picked 25th, but they gave it up to get Ricky - in addition to the 2nd round pick
In 2002, it slipped to 9-7 and picked 18th - only they gave that pick away for Ricky as well
In 2003, they went 10-6, and and they picked 20th, but traded up to 19.
In 2004, 4-12 was the record, and it was the #2 overall pick
In '05, they got to 9-7, and the 16th pick
In '06, it was 6-10, and the 9th overall pick
And then '07, 1-15 and they picked #1
In '08, 11-5, and they got #25
In '09, 7-9, and they were at #12, but traded down to #28
And then of course, last year they were again 7-9, and got the #15 pick

So in the 12 year span, they picked in the top half of the draft 6 times!  And what do they have to show for that?  No hall of famers, few pro bowlers, heck few guys still on this team.  And of course, no QBs.

I also was curious about the score differential - the number of points scored by the Fins vs how many they gave up.
In 2000, they were +97 (meaning that they outscored their opponent by 97 points, by 6 points a game)
In '01 it was +54
In '02 it was +77
In '03 it was +50
Then in '04 it was -79
In '05 it was +1 (or essentially even)
In '06 it was -23
In '07 it was -170 (lost by an average of 10 points per game)
In '08 it was +28 (not surprisingly they went 11-5)
In '09, -30
and in '10, -60
And they are currently at -59

What does that tell me?  That they have been on a downward slide since Dave's tenure.  It's exacerbated by them not being able to select a player of note.

Fwd: Wrestlemania XXVIII Presale Opportunity

This is what the fins are sending out these days?  Really?

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Wrestlemania XXVIII

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Sorry, that's just idiotic

We have officially run out of things to say about this lame-ass team.

Yup its true.  Just look at the press conference today when Tony Sparano says that the losing started when he shaved his goatee, so he's growing it back.

Just go ahead and fire the guy for making an asinine statement.  Sheesh.

I loved hearing Rob Ryan be accountable because he didn't produce a good enough defense last week against the Eagles.  I liked hearing John Fox and his honesty in talking about growing around Tim Tebow (he was somewhat candid).  

That stuff holds some weight.  His goatee?  Really?

Oh, and while I'm on the topic - fat lot of good being secretive has done for this team, isn't it?  Sure wouldn't want anyone to know we don't have any offensive weapons.  Heck if they knew that, we might be 0-7.  Oh wait, we are.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Okay maybe it's just me, but...

I found the story about Tim Tebow losing to the lions pretty amusing.

One pundit said that "the christian was sacrificed to the lions."

Yeah that amused me.

(what else have we got as dolphins fans?)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today's game

I was out of town and not near a tv. So needless to say I didn't watch the game.

But I did check the score from time-to-time in the espn app.

Early on, when the dolphins had a bonafide lead, I will happily admit I was hoping for a giants comeback.

Does that make me a bad fan? I don't think so. Will it piss off Tony Fasano? I sure hope so.

See here's the thing: I absolutely want for the dolphins to have a losing record; I didn't want them to get on a sudden roll and have a big turnaround. I didn't want to hear Sparano say "we are getting this thing going".

And I definitely don't want there to be a chance that somehow, some way Sparano and Ireland are retained. A losing record should ensure that.

So here they are at 0-7. It would take a lot to finish with a winning record - so now I will move from rooting for the other team to win to simply being apathetic. Who cares who wins? And as we get even later in the season, I'll probably start rooting for the fins again.

Now let me be clear about something I've said before: I don't buy into suck for luck. I want a new qb. But it doesn't really matter the name on the jersey so long as the new coach believes in him to lead the team.

As for the staff, I have met Tony and like him. But it is time to move on, it seems clear. I've also met jeff. Him I'm not so keen on, and I do doubt his ability to find talent. Even so, I don't wish either any ill will - they are highly paid professionals and this is part of the job. Sometimes you get fired. Sometimes it's through no fault of your own.

And so it goes...