Friday, October 28, 2011

worst coaches

Funny, the Bleacher Report did a list of the 50 worst NFL coaches, and Wanny, Saban, and Cameron made that list.  The author thought generally that Cameron was the worst of them. 
So, in the history of the NFL - which spans more than 60 years - 6% of the wost coaches came in the last decade, and were all Dolphins.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sparano has his house on the market?

There's a report floating around that Tony has put his house on the market.  And of course that means the end is nigh....right?

I mean its not quite like little Nicky - who was making his "I'm not going to Alabama" speech as the trucks were backing up to his house.

In a way, who cares if his house is for sale?  People move all the time.  I'd be curious if he is in the market for another house, too?

Given that pretty much everyone knows he's a goner, it would have been more interesting if we heard this BEFORE the season started...

An NFL training camp...for fans

I received this yesterday and wanted to share it with anyone who might be interested:

Hi Dave-


The NFL players have had their turn at training camp – now fans have a shot at a training camp of their own. The Bud Light Fan Camp is coming to Sun Life Stadium on Saturday, October 29. The event will be taking place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Football fans who can prove their mettle on a variety of Bud Light-style challenges will win a trip to the 2012 Pro Bowl in Honolulu, where they will compete for the title of Bud Light Fan Camp Champ.


At this rather unorthodox football competition, teams of four (two men and two women) will kick footballs through inflatable uprights, catch footballs launched from a cannon, and even flaunt their mad skills in a game of Madden NFL 12. In addition to offering some great visuals, the Miami edition of the Bud Light Fan Camp is likely to attract out-of-the-ordinary fans for you to interview.


I'm happy to provide more details on the Bud Light Fan Camp and how it will all work. Thanks, and have a great day!





Brad Fitzgerald

keeping a secret

According to published reports:

the Dolphins have warned all team employees that their cell phone records could be reviewed by the team for evidence of information leaks to the media. 

To which I say WTF? 

What is it with this team and all the nonsensical secrecy?  Oh we wouldn't to embarrass ourselves, would we?  The owner does a good enough job of that himself!  And we wouldn't want anyone to know that we're going to try and run on first down and throw to Brandon on second, so don't let that video get out there!

Its just so....dumb...

A couple of quick hits about Cowher

Might I remind everyone that while he preaches tough, disciplined football, he is still an "old school" guy who is run-first.  Its all about smash-mouth football.  And of course, he never had a great QB in his stable.  There were a lot of caretaker types.  And that suggests to me, that we might be seeing more of the same style of football we've grown to .... uhhhh.... love? .... over the last 4 years.  

And while he was a good head coach, record wise, it took him 9 years to assemble his championship team (though he was there one other time).

We've seen in the past that "retreads" don't usually succeed, and a guy who's been out of football for 5 years may not have the same edge.  Certainly the game has changed, and not necessarily to his style.

On a related note, wouldn't it be sadly amusing if Cap'n Izzy Firepants decided to hire Cowher, and forgot the little detail of interviewing minority candidates?  Wouldn't he look silly?  Or sillier?

another mis-step?

Putting aside for a moment that I don't think Cowher should be the next head coach - this report that Ross' people have spoken with Cowher's people is ridiculous.  

And here's why: you still have a coach.  End of story.

Assuming its true, did Ross learn nothing from his off-season flirtation with Jim Harbaugh?  You can't talk with another coach until after you've fired this one.  Now I know its a fait compleat that he will be fired, but this is just wrong, and insensitive.  And frankly, who would want to work for a guy that operates this way?

Oh, and on a related note, during the off-season shenanigans I made an allusion to this being like a relationship, that Tony was like a jilted girlfriend, and I wondered how he would respond,  It appears as though we have our answer.  Even if its not top-of-mind, he had to know (as do/did the players) that he was a 1-year coach.  He is coaching like one.

Game rewind

A couple of observations as I look back over the game:

(1) the two point conversion that we attempted.  It did seem odd at the time, but I have to give credit for Tony actually trying to pick up some points where he could get them.  When you have trouble scoring at all, its nice to see at least an attempt to score points.

(2) The Broncos two-pointer.  This is about the 4th time in 4 seasons where that a QB draw was a game deciding play.  Matt Schaub did it.  Ben Rothlisberger did it.  Aaron Rogers did it.  That's endemic of a coaching problem when you allow the same type of play to beat you in several consecutive years.

(3) Tony made a coaching blunder on the long reception that setup the second TD for the Broncos.  In this case, it was a play inbounds.  The clock was ticking under 30 seconds.  The Broncos lined up to go, and Tony called timeout to have the officials review it.  The clock stopped.  Now he did get the timeout back, but he chose to stop the clock.  Isn't that the same basic mistake he made against the Saints a couple of seasons ago?

(4) Even though he says the team didn't go prevent, why was the team in some soft zone coverages at the end, and 5 defensive back sets.  While its true that it wasn't deep zones, it generally allows for a team to move down the field methodically.    

Now we'll go 10-0!

Because we signed JP Losman!!!

Uhhhh, so it turns out that Sage Rosenfels' blood disorder had not cleared up, and he was still showing symptoms and had to be placed on the Non-Football Injury list. I'm not blaming the fins medical staff for this, because its not something they could test for - but, he was on the Giants' NFI list at the beginning of the season, so its not like he didn't have issues a few weeks ago...

Anyway, Losman isn't much, either.  He played with a bunch of teams and has been called "a head case" in his career.  He has more picks than TDs, and was out of football this season.  In other words, he's a perfect fit to potentially help arrange deck chairs on the titanic.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wow, they won't have to pay out on this one...

A "pizza chain" who is a sponsor of the Dolphins is offering "50% the day after a Dolphins win".... I guess they won't have to make good this season.  Or at least, not a lot.

LIV nightclub

A few weeks ago, I was a guest in the nightclub at the stadium.

I mentioned there were lots of hot women there all dressed for club hopping, not for a football game.

What I neglected to mention was a conversation I had since then with a guy who is often hired to drive a bus. What bus? Why the bus that picks up the girls on south beach and drives them to the stadium to ensure that the club has the right look.

And it gets more interesting, since they apparently also bring in some club regulars (men and women) to help fill the place.

In other words what you see on the club is all a lie. The dolphins want you to believe all these people are paying $250 to see and be seen - and buy drinks. But most of them are there as guests.

That's an intriguing stat

During the entirety of the 1970s, Miami lost a total of 12 home games.

That's their current loss total in 13 home games (they won last year against the Titans at home).

Kind of sad, isn't it?

Question of the day: Answer

Jason Taylor's absence last year means he is not the longest-tenured Dolphin, consecutively.  Though he has spent the most time as a Dolphin overall.

John Denney is currently in his 7th year with the team (he was picked up in '05).

But there are two players left from the 2004 draft: Yermiah Bell and Vernon Carey.  Either could be considered as the right answer, but I'll go Carey because he was drafted before Bell, and started immediately (Bell was injured and played only a little, later in the year)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Question of the day

Who has been continuously with the dolphins for the longest span?

Oh yes, I did

As the dolphins offense took the field in overtime, I decided to start a chant:

"we want Orton!"

It seemed remarkably appropriate and elicited a laugh or two.

What a strange day...

Yesterday, I went to the game.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I didn't purchase tickets, so don't fret.  I am still holding my ground.


I was out there with Curt from, and Dave & Bob from  We had a nice time tailgating, then went into the stadium.  As we looked over the crowd, it was clear that it was a giant mélange of people: Dolphins fans, Gators fans, Tebow fans, Broncos fans, and a smattering of people who were none of the above (like the guy with the Packers jersey and cheesehead).  During warm-ups, there was a pretty good "TE-BOW!" chant going on…shortly followed by a "TEBOW SUCKS" chant.


We see Urban Myer chatting with Tebow.  How peculiar.


The first half was a dull affair.  I mean, 6-0?  And more punts than points or first downs?  It was fantastically boring.  There was this weird Gator celebration on the 3-year anniversary of their national championship, which included the Gator marching band on the field.  It was almost surreal.


The second half gets under way, and Tebow has done nothing.  He had 2 – yes TWO – yards passing at one point in the 3rd.  There's really not much happening here.  I actually find myself enjoying the fresh air and just sort of, well, nodding off isn't quite right, but I definitely lost interest in the game and was focused on whatever else was going on.


And enter the 4th quarter.  The Fins got their first TD of the 4th quarter all year.  It was a decent play that looked good as Fasano got in.  Then, inexplicably, Sparano went for 2.  Now he said afterward that every formula, card, the math, etc, all said he should go for 2 in that spot.  And that's why these cards are wrong.  One would have been the choice.  It would have made it 13-0, with a lot of time left.


The Dolphins later got a field goal to make it 15-0 with 6ish minutes left.  We heard that Steve Ross left his box because he wanted to head to the Dolphins locker room to celebrate the win.   Most of the fans, likewise, departed the stadium apparently confident that the Fins would take this one.  There was a stat shown that the Broncos hadn't been shut out since 1634 or something.


But there's this guy who has a legend – and according to the guy next to be, he's the favorite son of a deity – and he came to life.  He believed in himself and his team.  He got the ball and charged down the field to get a score.  And suddenly its 15-6.  Now again, I think the card is wrong.  It says you go for 1 here, and wait to get the 2 until your next score.  But I like to think differently.  Go for 2 while there's still time left so if you miss it, you still have time for possibly a last gasp to get a field goal.  Nevertheless, they take the 1 and its 15-7.


Steve Ross stops on the field, as he catches the score.  He can't believe it.  And he just "happens" to find Urban Meyer and they chat for the remainder of the game.


There was a collective groan from the crowd.  Like we'd just been punched in the gut.  They are still 8 points behind.  Surely they can't get an onside kick, score again,  and get a deuce – can they?  And Marlon Moore misplays the ball on the onsides kick.  The unraveling in this game has really begun.  I laugh aloud, but refuse to get emotional, because you know – you just KNOW – that the Fins will manage to pull defeat out of what seemed a certain victory.


Tim puts the team on his back and has a really nice completion down to the 2.  Then, it was an incredible play that saw him roll left and throw a screen right that got the score.  They have crawled their way back.  And he lines up for the 2-pointer.  I started laughing aloud again (which makes everyone turn and stare).  EVERYONE - and I mean everyone – was looking for the QB draw.  Except, apparently for the Dolphins defense.  Tebow scores to make it 15 each with 17 seconds left.


Miami gets a touchback and does the predictable thing.  They fall on the ball.  You are 0-5.  You are at home.  All you need is a score – any score – and its over.  Plus, you need to tell your team that you believe in them.  Give them a chance.  What's the worst that could happen?  A pick?  So what?


OT: Miami gets the ball, and I tell the guys that its going to end of a turnover.  I'm thinking pick-6.  The Fins go three and out.  The Broncos go 3 and out. Miami gets it back on about their own 40, and things are looking surprisingly good.  Only – these are the Dolphins.  Moore gets sacked.  Fumble.  Broncos ball on the 35ish.  A couple of plays later, and it's the long field goal for the win.


Steve Ross decides to just get in his helicopter and leave.  No comments, other than he's going out of town on Monday, so don't try and contact him.


And Miami is 0-6.  Its not unexpected, but the way it happened was.


Although the game sold out, I would guesstimate 40,000 in attendance.  There were A LOT of empty seats. 


So who's my wanker of the week?  How about a little love to Tony for his decisions.  In this case, you were playing a team as bad as you, and you should have worked really hard to win.  But you let them off the hook and lost.  I'm not saying that its all on him, but I had to wonder what a press conference after a win would be like….would it start "see I told you we'd get this thing turned around…" ?

Get used to it!

Mike Pouncey was saying it was weird to not have the crowd behind the team, and to hear them cheering for the other team, or a player on that team.

To which I say: get used to it.  With the way this ownership has decided to put fannies in seats, without regard to them being Dolphins fans - and who would want to be? - you have to expect its going to happen a lot more in the future!

Sparano moment

At one point during the game there was a call that went against Miami. The cameras captured Tony saying to the referee "you're going to get my fired!"

Good stuff

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ring of honor

I see a blank spot in the ring. Is that where mandich will go?

Suck for luck?

Its the anti-LIV nightclub

This is in the east endzone 400 level

They can't get that right either?

Hey wait. That's not Paul Soliai!!!

Hopefully it's not the only hilight of the day

Yes, I am out at the game. But I did not purchase a ticket. Thais to the dolphins ranter and a "friend" I am here.

Anywho we are sampling the cajun potatoes courtesy of (find the recipe on their site)

They are great!