Saturday, October 15, 2011

Random thought

I saw an ad for the black eyed peas. They are going to have a concert over at Joe Robbie Stadium in a few weeks.

Since Fergie is both a member of the band and a part owner of the fins and (presumably?) the stadium, does she have to pay rent?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Is that really what we need?

I read Brandon Marshall's comments and my first thought was "it's about time we see him passionate". And my second thought was "how stupid!"

I mean really. He's going to be passionate and crazy - and do something that will get him kicked out of the game?

Does that actually help anybody?

How about being passionate and saying something like you plan to have 15 catches? 200 yards? A couple of TDs? No drops? Your YAC will be in the 20s? No one will cover you?

C'mon man! Planning to be crazy and getting kicked out is no path to success.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I find that amusing

One of the tweets from the Palm Beach Post was truncated in an amusing way.  It read:
Miami Dolphins' Brandon Marshall says he's been too passive, vows to get fired

Okay so fire him already!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is this team better?

Early this week, Joe Rose was telling listeners that this current Dolphins team has a better roster than the one that played in 2007.  True?  Lets look at the players:

               2007                          /                         2011
QB - Trent Green & Cleo Lemon (with a dash of John Beck) / Chad Henne & Matt Moore
RB - Ronnie Brown & Jesse Chatman / Reggie Bush & Donald Thomas
FB - Regan Mauia / not using a FB
WR - Marty Booker, Chris Chambers, Ted Ginn / Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, Brandon Marshall
TE - Justin Peele & David Martin / Tony Fasano and the other guy (Mastrud)
LT - Vernon Carey / Jake Long
LG - Chris Lewinski / Incognito
C  - Samson Satele / Mike Pouncey
RG - Rex Hadnot / Vernon Carey
RT - LJ Shelton / Marc Colombo

D-line - Matt Roth, Keith Traylor, Vonnie Holiday, Rodrique Wright, Jason Taylor / Kendall Langford, Phillip Merling, Paul Soliai, Jared Odrick
LB - Crowder, Donnie Spragan, Derek Pope, Zach Thomas, Joey Porter / JT, Cam Wake, Koa Misi, Dansby, Kevin Burnett
CB - Michael Lehan, Travis Daniels, Will Allen / Sean Smith, Vontae, Nolan Caroll, Will Allen
S - Jason Allen, Cam Worrell, Renaldo Hill / Yermiah Bell, Reshad Jones

So what do you think?  There are individual players on each roster who stand out, but IMHO its a close race right now.

The "really good" teams

I was curious about the teams that are leading the league - who is coaching them?

And I discovered something interesting: they all have coaches that were once here (or coulda/shoulda/woulda been here).  Check it out:
The Packers have defensive coordinator Dom Capers
The Lions have offensive coordinator Scott Linehan
The Saints have special teams coordinator John Bonemago
The Redskins have Chris Forrester as an offensive assistant
The Chargers have Norv Turner
The Ravens have offensive coordinator Cam Cameron
The Bills have Chan Gailey.

And the 49ers actually don't have any former phins coaches, but they do have a guy that Miami coveted in Jim Harbaugh 

I would argue the units (or teams) they oversee are doing well.  How weird is that?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Best line heard on Monday

"the Dolphins exceeded my expectations this weekend!"

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Henne era over

Armando wrote an article today -
Chad Henne era in Miami is over; franchise QB No. 1 priority for Dolphins

What I find interesting about this article is the simple fact that QB should have been the #1 priority since about 1998, when Marinos career was winding down. And it never has been. And until someone proves it otherwise, it never will be.

I am skeptical this organization will address it next offseason. We will see.

Short. Sweet. To the point. That's the beauty Dave's iPhone.

Another blunder?

I was reading through the accumulated material on David Garrard.  At the end of the day, it appears that Miami showed some interest, but only wanted Garrard as a "fill in," strictly as a backup, and couldn't guarantee that he'd be on the roster late in the season.  But they tried to spin it as he was happy not playing, and/or him wanting too much money.

Reading between the lines, what I see is a guy who wanted to come back and play, have an opportunity to start and showcase his skills; but for a team that's not in as bad shape as the Dolphins.

So in trying to get a guy who's an up-and-down QB but with some potential, the Fins bungled that as well.  Clearly, they're not committed to winning this year (not that it would matter), then the spin made Garrard look greedy and lazy, neither of which is true.

The Fins just look dumb.  Again.