Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dolphins training facility

Come inside the dolphins practice facility

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Heres a video of the volunteer activity we did today

Monday, September 12, 2011

The crowd at the Stadium

It looked to me like it was maybe 60/40 Dolphins fans. So what gives? As Mike Dee learned when he was with the Red Sox, Boston fans are passionate. They show win or lose, as a sense of pride, purpose, or whatever. Mike's job was to ensure that there was hype to keep the fans interested.

Here its not so easy. Fans are fair-weathered. Fans don't have deep pockets. But then its cheaper to buy tickets to a fins game than a patriots game, and tickets are plentiful. So you see lots of opposing fans in the stadium. They make a trip to florida to enjoy seeing their team play.

And so there is no home crowd. And no home field advantage. Sparano pumped in crowd noise to the bubble before a home game. How laughable. And then went on to say he wished there were more 1pm games to get back that advantage. Like that's gonna make a difference (it won't).

An elite QB will make your team....

So Brady gets 500+ yards in a game. And most of the night he was simply standing back there like a statue, scanning the field before throwing. There was poise and composure, and that an elite QB makes.

Then you look over at the Colts. Without Peyton Manning, they looked like an average team (at best).

How about Aaron Rodgers? Or Drew Brees? Or any one of numerous other guys.

Miami could have had Rodgers back when he was drafted, or Brees a couple of times. They could have taken Matt Ryan. But instead they stuck with pretty good. Chad Henne - I don't think - will never get beyond that stage. He may be serviceable. He may wind up winning some games. But he'll never be elite.

And I don't see why the fins "leadership" hasn't made much of an effort to get someone, anyone, who they think might be that guy over all these years...its so frustrating....

Not quite ready for prime time

I had said that Bellicheat wouldn't forget his perceived humiliation, and that he would (and will) continue to exact revenge against Sparano and anyone else who happened to be on that coaching staff.

Then, today, when people asked what I thought might happen in tonight's game, I told them that Miami couldn't score over 21, and that the Patriots couldn't be held to under 21 - so there was essentially no way for Miami to win.

And it came to pass. Billy did some things along the way that made it seem like he was toying with the fins. Heck that screen that was tipped and picked off seemed to me like it was just the patriots being cute with the fins. And the 99 yard Welker pass? An example of trying to rub it in. And how about having a db line up against Jake Long late in the game? He was being ridiculous and essentially telling Sparano "up yours!"

So let's look at the game:

The Good
  • Miami's offense was definitely more aggressive than it had been
  • They surprised me by scoring more than 21 points
  • Brandon Marshall and Chad Henne look like they're closer to being in synch
  • Henne looked decent out there

    The Bad
  • Sparano and many of the defenders think they are elite - one of the best in the league. Funny how allowing more than 600 yards of offense and only getting one turnover will change that opinion
  • I see how much better the defense is without Channing Crowder.
  • Jason .... who? There was a 99 on the field, but the only thing noticeable he did was to limp off the field.
  • Jake Long looked like he hadn't played since January. He was, in a word, terrible
  • Reggie Bush is an explosive guy but is not an every down back
  • Cameron Wake was basically taken out of the game, and that left....ummmmm....I take up the slack.
  • Mike Pouncey has a long road ahead. He was okay, but didn't match up well with anyone. Not even my grandmother's cousin.

    The Ugly
  • Nolan Carroll sucks. He should have been sent home - for good - late in the 3rd quarter. He's better than Will Allen? Really?
  • Marc Columbo. Ay Caramba! He was cover-your-eyes-awful in this game.
  • Richie Incognito had 3 penalties and several blown assignments. That won't get it done.

    So Miami starts 0-1, on its quest to get that #1 overall pick - and not draft Andrew Luck. I'm sure there will be a defensive tackle that they'll like....
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