Saturday, September 10, 2011

Even when they get it right, they still bungle it

At least a little.

Shame on H Wayne for his treatment of dolphin history. "Losing" an 11 foot tall statue of Joe Robbie during renovations and then essentially forgetting about it for 5 years is pretty remarkable.

And then for Stephen Ross to also ignore history until Mike Dee stumbled onto it in a storage shed is kind of sad.

So props to the fins for taking it out of storage and putting it on display in the Joe Robbie plaza. Maybe this will start the exorcism this team desperately needs.

But here's my problem with it. They pull it out, tell the media, and say "we are honoring our past." But they also tell us it will be part of the pregame celebration Monday night. Along with the 9/11 tribute.

I'm sorry. Those things simply don't go together. I'm glad to see each of these actions, but how about remembering Joe Robbie at another time?

It just becomes another example of how the fins just can't to celebrate and embrace their own past cohesively.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

AJ Edds

I met him last season. I found him instantly likable. He was smart, funny, understood the game, and had a passion.

My reaction to those with me was "wow, I'm impressed and believe that his smarts and attitude will benefit the fins."

And the Sparano releases him. What is up with that? Clearly he had the intangible tools you want, and in limited action he showed some football talent.

And then. He signs with the patriots. I'll give Bellicheat credit for seeing and using talent. Plus there can always be the obvious question of whether the fins have been practicing anything new in the last few weeks.

IMHO this was a whiff by the fins. We will see of course but it sure seems like it to me.

Looking forward

The dolphins open on a Monday night at home, and hope springs eternal. It's a new season and both teams are 0-0.

Anything can happen. Maybe the fins come out hot and surprise the pats. Maybe henne has a big game. Who knows?

But, there are two things to keep in mind. First, the patriots have been good for a while and they put up 40+ points in one preseason game before coasting through the rest of the preseason.

And second, Bellicheat has a long memory. He won't ever forget what happened a few years ago at his home when the fins unveiled the wildcat. He won't be caught off guard and will be ready to play.

Does that mean the fins will certainly lose? Of course not. But it does mean we should temper our enthusiasm.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Ticket sales

Season ticket sales have plummeted for the Fins. Consider this (number of season tickets, rounded):

2006: 61,000
2007: 55,000
2008: 46,000
2009: 49,000
2010: 51,000
and this year, its around 41,000

So 61,000 is the highest total (other than the slightly inflated totals) from 192-1974.

And the 41,000 is the lowest - ever.

But the trend has been downward since, basically, Dave left. I have to believe there's a combination of things going on. Ticket prices versus the economy is certainly a factor. But there is also this trend of mediocre performance, coupled with them always being on TV.

Now with the possibility of blackouts, the only way you'll be able to catch your phins is by going in person. And that's much less expensive than the Dolphins offerings: I just looked at stubhub, and found tickets to all of the games readily available. And some you can pick up now for as little as $18. Why would you buy season tickets in that case?

Roster makeup

I had assumed - as we headed into the lockout - that Miami's roster would remain more or less the same once this season rolled around.

In fact, the only changes that may make a difference are Reggie Bush and Thomas in the backfield, Mike Pouncey on the line, Jason Taylor at OLB, and the subtraction of Channing Crowder.

Otherwise the players you will see on the field in most situations will be the same ones that underperformed and went 7-9 (1-7 at home).

I've gotta say that I am not inspired or particularly enthused in spite of Sparano telling us they are "outstanding"...sure they can continue to grow together, but how much? and how soon?


The local beat writers suggested that Miami was simply following a league-wide trend when they decided to keep just two QBs on their roster.

But, as I recall, last season they lost both Pennington and Henne in the same game. Then, they decided to go with the wildcat in the third quarter, so they didn't have to bring in Thigpen and be unable to bring back either of the other guys. This year, the rule changed and they would have been able to bring either back.

Anyway, my point is that having 2 QBs, Schmoe Montanta and a backup who isn't very good is shortsighted IMHO. You're not even going to try and develop a guy? Really?