Saturday, August 20, 2011

Two more thoughts on the game

1. I know it's the preseason, but I think there were more fans at JRS for last weeks marlins game than there were for the dolphins game.

2. It was interesting to note that Sparano made some "better" in-game decisions. Like going for it on 4th and goal at the one, and on 4th and short near the opposition 40. Those kinds of decisions can turn close games into wins. Discuss.

Last night's game

I was glad to see Reggie Bush play. No doubt, he's an exciting player.

And Chad Henne played probably his best game, which frankly isn't saying much, but I'll give him credit for having a good performance.  He was aided by the fact that the fact that he has Reggie Bush, of course.  But overall I was satisfied with his play.

But let's be realistic.  A win is nice.  Seeing some good play on offense and defense was nice.  But it was preseason, and Miami was playing against the team that finished with 1? (maybe it was 2-3?) wins last season.  They have a new coach and a new QB.  In all honesty, they looked AWFUL.  They couldn't beat my grandmother.

So, what I take away is that Miami is not the worst team in the league, and they have some up side, and have some potential to win some games this season.  Henne could turn out alright.  And Bush may be a difference-maker at times.

But...they need to cut the penalties.  And the offensive line play needs to improve.  I saw a few whiffs - in particular, there was one play where the RT stood there and blocked no one (literally, he was standing there as his guy ran past him), as the DE got in and made Henne throw a ball wildly.

Friday, August 19, 2011

BitchinDave just uploaded a video

U M finds themselves in a world of hurt - potentially - but why are they singled out? More

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Preseason game 1

I didn't post specifically about the game but let me give you a couple of quick thoughts:

• Miami's first teamers against atlantas first teamers didn't look so great, but hey Atlanta is a well established offense and you had to expect with limited practice, they'd be ahead of Miami.
• Miamis scrubs against Atlantas scrubs looked good, which gives me an indication that there is consistent depth on Miamis team. I'll take that as a good thing for now.
• mike Pouncey looked like he's going to be good.
• I loved what I saw in Livas and hope he continues to shine in preseason. Score one for the kittle guys at 5-7 and 175 pounds!!!
• I was glad to see daboll/Sparano throw us a bone and throw deep a few times.

And for those of you wondering wheres Dave? Because this post isn't negative, he's on vacation. Well, that's true, but actually the reason is that it's only the first preseason game. At this point, you're just trying to get a fe for the team. There's no point in pointing out specific "opportunities"

Crowders comments

I find unwritten rules amusing. Oh sure I get don't criticize your team mates. But where did don't criticize your firmer team mates come from?

Crowder spoke his mind which is what he does. At least one of the other fan sites chastised crowder for it, and suggested that crowder quit on the team and Ireland and that's worse. Except that crowder was cut as a "salary cap casualty" - and yet the dolphins are still far enough under the cap where they could have kept him. So it wasn't up to him, and he wasn't returning anytime soon.

So what did crowder say? That he didn't think Henne was a great leader or a top flight qb. We've heard that from a lot of people haven't we? A lot of us have said that. Heck even the turd bill parcells said essentially that when he left. And btw crowder said he knows he'll look dumb if Henne does good things this year and gets it together.

And he also said that he didn't like Ireland and his approach to things. Lots of players don't care for the gm of the team or the ownership. Some say it. Most don't.

When crowder said that he and Ireland didn't see eye to eye on crowder's radio show last season and fined crowder often for his comments, that made a lot of sense to me. As I said before, all of the players who had radio shows or otherwise weren't robots talking to the media or fan groups are gone.

Now where I can see the naysayers point is in crowder's assertion that he may return next season. That seems sour grapeish and self-serving. He'll have time to spend tine with his wife and child, sure, but is he silently saying that he thinks the dolphins will make a change at gm? He'll be a year older, so what changed?