Saturday, July 09, 2011

What a difference

The last time I was in lockhart stadium (in fort lauderdale) was about 18 months ago for the lamer than lame probowl "practice".

I'm here tonight for a strikers soccer game. Although the quality of play isn't that great it is SO much better than my last experience c

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It all depends on your point of view

Optimists seem to think that an agreement will be coming soon.  And certainly in these mediated sessions, there is hope.  The sides have laid out their issues, and have (apparently) managed to agree on most of the bigger items.

But pessimists (me among them) aren't convinced.  Sure, they've managed to get this far.  But they still have to work out these smaller issues, and the "trade association" (and its lawyers) has to review and approve it.  And perhaps more importantly, the owners have to review and approve it - and still work out some of their differences.

And then there's this: the retired players have gone to court asking that the mediated sessions stop because they don't have a voice.  They want consideration, because there is money at stake for them.  They also want to ensure that the anti-trust suit goes forward in any case.

We have also heard that the referees' union is watching things closely, and may want to get in on the action to ensure their interests are also heard.

Hey, that reminds me: where is our fan representation?  Oh that's right, there isn't one.  We just get screwed at the gate, in concessions, and in merchandise.

Meanwhile, you have some oddities included in the deal.  According to one source, there was intense discussion about divvying up some money for stadium improvements.  And in return, the players asked for some of the revenue from events that are not football related.  So, in other words, some of the NFL income would be used to improve a stadium owned by an NFL owner; that stadium might be used for a concert; and some of the proceeds would go back to the players.  Good?  Not good?  Who can say?  We only know that these types of concessions seem to be moving things along...