Friday, July 01, 2011

[sarcasm=high] Really? [end sarcasm]

I saw something this morning that the Dolphins are offering a limited-time offer to get season tickets for $250.  Ummm, I guess they're testing the proverbial waters to see if its price or product that people aren't paying for?  And what of the people who might have bought tickets in that same section?  Do they get a rebate?
I still say wait it out.  The season will start late.  There will be tickets available on stubhub for less than that to most games, and then you haven't given the Dolphins a loan in the immediate term.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quit Dreaming!

I know, I know.  There's not much happening in football, and its easy to start letting your mind wander - and think "what if?...."

But I'm going to be the voice of reason through all of this talk, and tell you two things I am certain about:

(1) The Dolphins are not going to pick up a veteran QB who is a threat to Chad Henne - someone he would be looking over his shoulder at, or who fans will clamor to start.  They will get a decent guy who wasn't a recent starter.  His job will be to back up Henne.

and (2) they are NOT going to trade a draft pick for ANYBODY.  Sparano & Ireland covet picks, and won't give one up to get a guy.  It just won't happen.

Also, I saw an article the other day that suggested the Fins bring back JT.  I don't believe that will happen - the way that ended, and how JT was "left out" of captains meetings says a lot about how that relationship stands.