Saturday, June 04, 2011

The week in review

Nothing much happening.

But, the NFL did meet in secret with the players to move the
negotiations along. How secret was it? Nether side knew they were
actually meeting! Yeah, we only heard the same story you did - maybe
they're closer to having an agreement, but who knows?

There was also a formal hearing on the lockout. Both sides presented
their case for ceasing or continuing the lockout. No word on when the
ruling might come down.

Let's see, there was a start to the anti-trust case. Sort of.
Formally, the lawyers met with the judge to start the administrative
part of the case. We'll know more about where that's headed
time-line-wise in a couple of weeks.

And finally, in Dolphins news, Drew Rosenhaus appeared on Joe Rose's
show last week (ish) and was telling the listeners how well the
Dolphins workouts are going, and how Chad Henne is leading them
through, and something about him being such a great leader that
they've had the largest turnout of any team in the NFL. Okay, I have
issues with that statement. I'm not saying the team isn't meeting,
but I can't find any confirmation of it. No one seems to know when,
if, or where the team is getting together. And the proverbial friends
of friends who know players don't know any players who have attended.

They might be, but I'm suspicious of Drew's comments, that's all I'm sayin'