Saturday, May 28, 2011


To the Heat for making it to the NBA finals.

But that just turns the pressure up on the Dolphins. Since the last
time they were in the championship:
* The Heat - who didn't exist in 1985 - have been there twice, with
one championship under their belt
* The Marlins - who didn't exist in 1985 - have one two championships
* The Panthers - who didn't exist in 1985 - have played for a championship
* The Hurricanes have played for umpteen championships and won a slew of them

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is a show about nothing...

I feel like George Costanza these days "Hey, Jerry, this is George, I got nothing to say."

There's nothing happening in the NFL.  Nothing.  No talks.  No legal battles that are hot right now.  Players are scattered around; some working out with teammates at local high schools or colleges, some working out at local Bally fitness clubs, some just hanging out in the hometowns.

We got word the other day of a Chad Henne sighting as Schmoe Montana tries (again) to get teammates to work out with him.  When he was approached by a local reporter he was saying that he's really liking Brian Daboll's new offense, and went on to explain some of the differences and how he's really studying it and will have a head start on his competition.

Only.  That's a weird statement.  Remember there was an "incident" just after the season ended, but before the lockout when players couldn't have contact with coaches?  Henne said he met with Daboll; the NFL was going to investigate, but never really did.  Then there was a 4-day window when the lockout was lifted and the Dolphins basically turned away all the players, and said they didn't give out playbooks....

And Daboll got here a few days before that supposed meeting with Henne.  While he may have had a series of plays he wanted to run, certainly he wouldn't have had time to construct a playbook that was vetted with Sparano (ie, "installed the offense"). 

So what the heck is Henne talking about?  Was he hit in the head one too many times?  Or is (once again) everyone in the Dolphins lying to us?  Are they really going to run the same offense (and therefore the firing of Henning and hiring of Daboll was nothing more than changing the curtains on a leaky window)?  I mean its just a strange statement given the work stoppage and lack of contact and all.

And not that any of it matters.  It just struck me as odd, that's all.