Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Clarification on player payments

I'd like to clarify something I've heard in the news, and its been usually mis-represented.  That's in how players get paid.

95% of the pay a player will receive is through their "game checks."  That is to say that a player signs a contract, and it will be broken down into 16 equal parts, with each one paid on the Tuesday after game day.  They do not receive a check on a bye week.

Now, the other 5% is either in the form of a specific bonus or for their weekly salary during training camp.  The training camp money is self-explanatory.  The bonus money depends on the language of the contract. In most cases, that money is allocated into the 16 payments, so the players see it in installments.  In some rare cases, its paid as a one-time bonus to the player.  But that's the EXCEPTION, and most players don't see money like that in one check.

So for the "workout bonuses" that many players should be earning now, the payment would come during the season; they'd meet the goal of working out x days now and then see the money starting in September.  So, in a way, they are not missing the money now.  But they will miss it when the time comes, because they aren't able to work out to meet the criteria.  It seems to me that there will have to be some language in the new CBA to cover this issue - if a player can't work out, but wanted to, and was to receive a bonus that was "likely to be earned" what happens?

Hope that helps a little.

Players aren't missing any money now, really.  Because they wouldn't usually see a check now.  But, they will notice it later when the game checks are smaller.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


During the public love fest, Stevie "cap'n izzy firepants" Ross told us he wanted a high powered offense.

Then came Sparano essentially telling us "whatever, we are run first".

And last week cap'n izzy came back and told us it's not important to have an exciting offense, contradicting himself.

The question I'd ask is: does he even care at all?


So after the "alleged" pay cuts, the dolphins announced a hire: some senior vp over operations.

So mr Ross takes money across the board and then hires a new guy. I tell you, if I worked there I'd feel disrespected.

The lockout continues

The judges ruled that the lockout will continue until the full hearing.

The issue is clearly political in that two of the judges ruled that the lockout remains and they admonished the judge who initially ordered the lockout lifted. Meanwhile the 3rd judge wrote a lengthy dissent where he defended the judge. Any guesses about their respective political affiliations? Your guess would be correct. Amazing how this goes.

Now on the surface I'll go along with the decision: lifting the lockout might harm the NFL and at this point the players are essentially not losing anything. Now that's different when it comes time for camp, but for now it seems reasonable.