Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pay cuts?

According to the herald, office people and coaches have been asked to take a pay cut based on "slow ticket sales this season"

The amounts range from 10% for office staff to 20% for sales, to 25% for coaches.

If true that would be pretty insulting to a guy like Sparano who got a raise to stroke hid ego after that Harbaugh nonsense.

And really? Because of slow ticket sales? How about being 1-7 at home and not having "sizzle"!??

Monday, May 09, 2011


We pointed to an article last week that there were gms contacting undrafted free agents.

Turns out that it was rather a lot of them according to a complaint filed by several agents for the players.

Here's another issue that will be used in litigation undoubtedly. The owners are skirting the rules and colluding....

Drug testing

The NFL is reportedly interested in having the world anti-doping agency handle their drug testing.

On the surface that's fine. But. As always there's more to it. The NFL really wants to test for hgh and other similar things. But the union resisted and through the CBA they haven't been able to.

What the NFL is apparently figuring is that if the lockout is lifted, they will go ahead with a new drug testing program that wasn't bargained.

Think this one might get contentious???