Thursday, May 05, 2011

Oh and by the way..

A couple things about free agency that I failed to mention
  • The terms "transitional" and "franchise" may not be included, because they are part of the CBA
  • Teams have to work in a reasonable manner, but there is no salary cap.  That means that a GM could sign player a for a gazillion dollars.  That's one of the reasons they're trying to lay the foundation now
The other inherent problem is that whatever they do as a group could be construed as violating anti-trust because they are - in a sense - colluding to meet a goal.

The owners could simply decide to stonewall and limit the number of signees, but that too reeks of collusion.

And that's why this is so tough.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Way cool

Mandich was inducted into the honor roll this evening.

His plaque will be near the radio booth.

Free agency

As a followup to my post earlier about free agency:

My source is someone with knowledge of the discussions, but who will remain anonymous. Sorry guys.

It is *really* unclear what happens to offers that were made previously, what restricted free agency will mean, and what happens to guys who could have been free agents but won't be now (I assume they'd be tendered an offer, but for how much?)

The "other" rules are bring worked out. It really is all about controlling the chaos while working in a means that will keep free agency out of litigation.

When I learn more, I'll share.

Griese, Buoniconti, and Cefalo

Mandich 4

Mandich 3

Mandich 2


Interesting turn of events

The NFL has started to map out what the plan would be for free agency, should the lockout be lifted...

Although full details haven't been revealed, we do hear that there will be some rules around eligibility, chief among them is that a player would need to have 6 years of credited service to become a free agent.  For the Dolphins, that would take Paul Soliai off the market.  And as we hear it, Ronnie Brown might get caught in another rule that would nullify his plan to be a free agent.

We'll see.

It will all be very interesting...


Drew Brees told teammates he wanted to have a workout as a team.  37 players attended.  

Mark Sanchez told teammates he'd like to "Jets West" near his home in California.  It made news, and a fair number of players attended.

Chad Henne told teammates he'd like to have a workout.  No one responded.  Then Jake Long said he was part of it, and a handful of players said they'd go, but as I hear it, they still haven't organized it.

Where's the difference?  Leadership.  Brees and Sanchez said they'd do it, and their team rallied around them, and they followed through.  Henne said he was gonna do it, and it took his left tackle's leadership to bring players in, and apparently "they" didn't follow through.


A Celebration Of Mad Dog

I plan to attend...How about you?

WHAT: A Celebration of Jim Mandich's Life

 WHEN: Doors open at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 4, 2011

 WHERE: Sun Life Stadium – Gate E

347 Don Shula Drive

Miami Gardens, FL 33056

 EVENT: A public memorial service for all fans and media to celebrate the life and achievements of Jim "Mad Dog" Mandich during his forty year career with the Miami Dolphins.  Expected to attend are Hall of Famers Don Shula, Nick Buoniconti, Bob Griese, Larry Little and Dwight Stephenson as well as other members of the Perfect Season and the Dolphins' family.

 In lieu of flowers, the Mandich family asks that donations be made to the Dolphins Cycling Challenge that benefits the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Online donations can be made at Checks should be made out to "The Miami Dolphins Foundation" and addressed to

     The Mandich Fund

      c/o The Miami Dolphins Foundation

      Sun Life Stadium

      347 Don Shula Drive

      Miami Gardens, FL 33056


Tuesday, May 03, 2011 - GMs skirting rules by talking to undrafted free agents - NFL

I enjoyed this story about how some GMs are just doing whatever they want.

To read the complete story, click here.

Maybe we're just nutty

I was talking with a friend of mine yesterday - another longtime fan and former season ticket holder - about the Fins.

He was telling me that he was soo glad he gave up his tickets because of the team's approach to everything, and echoed my sentiment that a losing season was in store, and power football isn't much fun to watch.

But his reaction about the lockout amused me.  He wanted the court cases and assorted nonsense to end in the way that caused the most chaos.  Go ahead and find them to have violated anti-trust, invalidate the draft, start and stop and then invalidate free agency.

I thought, wow, wouldn't that be something!

QB Quandry

From Armando Salguero

General Manager Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano get it. They wanted the right quarterback in the draft, too. And they tried to make a play to get Ryan Mallett. Lacking a third-round pick, they tried to trade into the third round to get Mallett, according to a source.

They were not able to get in high enough fast enough.

"We were willing to take him, we just couldn't get our hands on him," the source with knowledge of the front office's thinking told me. "We tried, but we couldn't do it. He's going to be a good quarterback."

Instead the Dolphins are moving on because, for all the work they did on Mallett, for all the skills they know he possesses, they just didn't see him as a first- or second-round player. (Neither did anyone else, by the way.)

The Dolphins tell me they couldn't get a vision for Mallett to invest in him that early. To pick a player you have to know how he fits the team, how he fits the position. As a first or second round pick, that would mean Mallett would be your presumed starter immediately.


You trade up from round 3, into round 2 to get a RB and then you tell us you "tried" to trade back into round 3 to get a QB for whom you had an endorsement of "meh" ?

This isn't adding up for me.  I'm not feeling it.

The problem here is that Miami didn't want to be forced to play a guy right away, and they didn't want to get second guessed.  Oh if we draft him as high as Henne or White, people will expect him to play soon.  We should wait...


What was it I said? Develop a conviction and go after that guy.  Whoever was the guy, they should have tried to get him. 

Ummm, yeah....

During the brief window when there wasn't a lockout, when Sparano said "it felt like football," the Dolphins players and management could co-exist.  But the Sentinel pointed out:

There wasn't time for new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll to hand out playbooks, Sparano said, but some players were able to meet with new coaches for the first time.

And that shouldn't be surprising.  While other teams found time to get the playbook distributed, the Dolphins didn't, because they are generally inept.

Or possibly the word play BOOK is an overstatement.  I'm thinking its a cocktail napkin with three plays drawn on it: inside run, outside run left, outside run right.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

To clarify my position

As you know, I want the Dolphins to win it all, and now.  

But, I do realize that there's a need for a new QB.  If they had drafted one, and there was a growth period of a year, or perhaps 2, with steady improvement and no major gaffes, I could deal with it.

At least I'd feel like we were on the right path, toward winning a championship.

Remember that last season, I pointed out that Henne was responsible for very many negative plays, and actually lost some games for the fins last season.  That's a trend that has to stop - and seeing a new QB who doesn't make those types of mistakes would satisfy at least part of my desire in that regard.

No long-term thinking

And I quote from the Herald:

Jeff Ireland was honest when he said he wanted players who could help immediately. With his top four picks, Ireland didn't take risks or players who might need years to develop.
And as one Dolphins official put it Saturday, the team would have taken a quarterback in the first few rounds only if it thought he represented a clear upgrade over Chad Henne. The Dolphins believed none of those available to them were an upgrade.

So, in other words, they were only willing to select a QB who they thought could start to open the season.  They weren't looking down the road a year or so.  

And that right there, my friends, is exactly why we still don't have a QB on this team.  No one has ever been willing to develop one.

Typical sentiment

As usual, the Dolphins told us that the draft went exactly as planned, and they got what they wanted.

The furious enigma (Ireland) said of the day "We got a lot better today" which is kind of amusing, since really the later round picks are used to fill out a roster, and usually do nothing more than play a special teams role.  Then again, if I think back to that Patriots game last season where special teams was like watching the clown act at the circus, I guess signing frisbee dogs would have elicited the same response.

The Bootin' Bull said "We addressed our needs."  Never mind that they actually needed a QB of course.  No, their needs were to ensure that they could get a couple of blockers and hand the rock off to a big back to get them 3 yards, while the entire defense stands within 3 yards of the line of srimmage and dares the Dolphins to pass it (and even if they do try, Henne will get sacked or throw a pick 6).

Look, on paper, maybe the Dolphins get a B for their draft because they addressed general needs.  But this organization is likely to find a way to not use them effectively....

I'd personally give them a C, because of that.  I have no faith that they'll get any better as a result of the draft.

I said in a comment to a previous post that I know they had a lot of needs to fill, and you can't do that in one draft.  But remember that this is year 4 for "Parcells guys" and they jettisoned everyone who was here before them; that is a problem of their own doing.  By the 4th year, they should be in a position to turn the corner, not looking to fill so MANY gaping holes.