Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Look the fact that Brandon Marshall got stabbed is most decidedly NOT funny.  That could have been serious.

But the ensuing discussion *is* EXTREMELY funny.  Turns out that Marshall's deal was really a one-year deal with an enormous option tacked onto it.  The Dolphins (apparently) hoped they could re-negotiate it or (possibly) wanted to take a wait-and-see approach with the CBA.

So here we are with him either due a huge chunk of cash next season, or with the Fins needing to cut ties some amount of time (30 days?) after the new league year starts.  And given this injury, that has already been bantered about.  Assuming they cut him, there goes that 2nd round pick this year.

Does anyone at the Dolphins have any sense?  Or maybe this was Parcells' parting gift to the team, to ensure he further twisted the knife (sorry Brandon, poor choice of metaphors)...

These are the kinds of things that happen to organizations that are in disarray.  I can't imagine that what's transpired here over the last 5 years or so happening to a well-run team (the Patriots spring to mind)...everything is just so haphazard.  Its so laughable.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Biggest draft bust

Lets do the other side....who do you think is the biggest draft bust in Dolphins history?

Schedule released

About 5pm, I heard local radio peeps touting the schedule release "soon"....and as I sat there and pondered it for a moment, I thought "what difference does it make?" I mean, there's no agreement between players and owners, so this is all window dressing in an abandoned warehouse.

And without even looking at the schedule, here's what I surmised: no agreement will be reached until sometime around the second week of the season. I suspect they try and get as many games in as they can, so its likely that they'll manage to play 14 games. I figure they can get ready to play in a couple of weeks, lose the bye week and get it going. They already have a plan to move the SuperBowl out a week, and they can lose the bye there as well.

But considering this will be basically the same old sad team we saw last year, I expect about 4-10.

And then the radio announcer voice came on "get your tickets now! As low as $34 per ticket!"

I laughed aloud. I was able to find tickets at StubHub last year for $10. I can't see a reason to think this year would be different. And the other benefit is that I get to hold onto my money, rather than giving it to Stevie to hold. They don't play, I don't pay. And I can decide at the last minute if I want to go to a game - or skip them altogether.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fwd: Update From NFL Players

Begin forwarded message:

From: "NFL Players Association" <>
Date: April 18, 2011 5:25:39 PM EDT
To: Bitchin Dave <>
Subject: Update From NFL Players

Dear NFL Fan:

The players of the National Football League want to thank you for your support during the lockout. The NFL lockout not only impacts players, but it also affects you and thousands of people that rely on the game. We also want to thank you for doing your part as a fan and signing our "Block the Lockout" Petition.

Last week, the NFL made a big splash, releasing the 2011 Preseason Schedule for a season that is not guaranteed.  The Hall of Fame game, the marquee event to start the NFL preseason, is around the corner. However, when the NFL and its owners imposed a lockout on March 12, 2011, they put the future of America's game in serious jeopardy. 

While the NFL continues to fight in court to keep the lockout in place, we want to make you aware of a few updates including a shift to petition the NFL to "Lift the Lockout." Our message is clear and simple: we are locked out and want to play. If you want to help us get back on the field, here's how you can help:

  • Tell EVERYONE you can about and ask them to sign the Petition to "Lift the Lockout." The petition letter to "Lift the Lockout" is here.
  • Share our Facebook page with your network
  • Ask your tweeps to: follow @NFLLockout and sign the Petition to "Lift the Lockout"
  • For more info on player and lockout news check out the NFLPA on Facebook & Twitter

Thanks so much for your support and for encouraging the NFL and its owners to "Lift the Lockout."


Players of the National Football League

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best overall draft pick

Okay, time to ask for your input....

Who is the Dolphins all-time best draft pick, who is NOT named Dan Marino?

It can be a player who was drafted, or if you have someone in mind who was traded for a draft pick (say Ricky), that works too.

Add your opinion to the comments on this post.

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In researching how to do this in the current environment, I discovered there were a few entries that had been tagged as spam from a couple of months ago that essentially went unnoticed by me. I went ahead and approved them, so they now appear as comments. My apologies to the posters who commented.

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