Thursday, April 14, 2011

Show your support to other fans!

We're two weeks away from the draft.  I know many of you enjoy watching it, and trying to figure out who picks who, and so on.

But, I still have my doubts about the viability of the draft, and with teams only able to trade this year's picks, and with limited number of prospects on hand, it is likely to be anticlimactic to a point.

So, I am asking you, the fans, to stand with me in NOT WATCHING the draft on TV.  Lets show the NFL that their ratings can and will decline if we choose not to watch their product.

Having the NFL suffer low ratings is the only way we as fans can show our disgust for the current labor situation.  So, by not watching, you're helping make a point.

Here's the out for you: feel free to peek at the results online. Just don't watch it live.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cry me a river

There's an article in today's herald that discusses how the players have to adjust their lifestyles since their income could go away.

Brandon Marshall was quoted as saying he is going to put off his new car purchase. Wow, considering you have at least one relatively new car that's working fine, I really feel bad for the guy.


The dolphins announced their preseason schedule yesterday.

Better hurry up and get those tickets!!!

Great seats are going fast; they might sell out soon!!

Bill "I honor my contract when I'm in the mood" Parcells

After only 4 years, the dumbass finally talked with a local media person.

It appeared to be mostly drivel. But he did say that he got caught up in the hype around Pat White and now sees that a mistake.

He didn't comment on Chad Henne. But has in the past, of course

But he did say something along the lines that he probably should have taken Matt Ryan over Jake Long, and then went on to provide caveats to that.

So basically he's telling us he screwed up. I have no doubt about that. I know many of you will defend him and tell me he did okay on defense, but I would make the same argument about Dave Jimmy and yes Nick.

The point is he failed miserably at doing anything about the most important position on the field: the qb.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm tired of being misled...

Look, I'm a fan. And for those of you who really don't know my story, here it is: I was raised a Dolphin fan. I lived and died with the team like most of you do. I was willing to buy into whatever they were telling me because I was an avid fan. Sometime just after high school (not coincidentally, just after the Dolphins last went to the SuperBowl), I realized that while I loved this team, I was getting too worked up about all of it.

So, I developed a sense of humor and had fun at their expense. And so it began, a now greater than 20-year journey where I have seen them fail. And fail again. It turns out that they just aren't good enough, and its kind of sad.

And along the way, you and I were told stories about the team, various situations, and the like. And many turned out to be lies, half-truths, or even fanciful dreams. And we ate them up, because that's what we do as fans.

But now I'm just tired of it. Let me run down some of my top items:
  • JJ telling us "we got a chance to be something special" as he told Dan Marino what to do, and kept him from winning while trying to play smash mouth football
  • Wayne telling us he had brought in a coach (JJ) with a history of winning. Only his ego and money were the only reasons he came here.
  • Dave telling us it takes a while for a team to come together, and sometimes blaming injuries. Gee, I didn't see that attitude on the Packers this season - they were youthful in many spots, and had a dozen or more players on injured reserve.
  • Dave wanting to play smashmouth football, and relying on Ricky to get it done. To the point, he drove him away
  • Dave telling us we didn't need a QB (ha freakin ha)
  • Wayne telling us that Dave was a man of good values, so that's why he was retained as coach (I agree, Dave is a decent guy but that's why you keep him around??)
  • Nick. How could you tell if he was lying? His lips were moving. He told everyone exactly what they wanted to hear, and then bold-faced lied about going to Alabama.
  • Cam telling us that failure was okay. WTF?
  • Parcells telling no one - but then Wayne telling us that Bill said it - that he was here to restore honor to the franchise. Only to find out he was actively helping the Jets.
  • Dolphins management telling us that they looked into replacing the dirt infield and "it couldn't be done" and then Stevie did it twice last season.
  • Stevie telling us he's excited about the franchise, and wants to build his fan base. So he fills it with parrot heads who don't care about football and B-list celebrities who don't either.
  • Stevie telling us he's a fan of the Dolphins. When it appears in reality, he did grow up here but left LONG before the franchise was founded (meaning he's not quite the fan you might think)
  • This offseason nonsense of trying to hire a coach. And then telling us he's not. And then telling us he had no idea people were this interested, like he's Santa.
  • Stevie telling us the Dolphins are going to be wide open on offense. Then Tony telling us that's not gonna happen.

    Sure, some of the things I note above are trivial and some of them were bigger. And they may not matter in the scheme of things. But they have built up into an annoyance for me.

    I'm at a point now where I will call out the BS, and will make fun of stupid things I hear.

    Because this team (to quote my friend Dave at the Dolphins Make Me Cry) has been almost there since 1972.

    I don't want rebuilding or a "youth movement" or 1-7 at home...nope, I want 12-4, a division championship and a SuperBowl win.

    And I want it now. End of story.