Saturday, March 12, 2011

Football not found

"Error 404: Football Not Found. Please be patient as we work on resolving this. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

That's the message appearing on the now-defunct website. And I think it sums it all up.

The owners did indeed lock the players out. The players filed for an injunction against the lockout, stating that this was all well-planned; and they filed a class-action lawsuit against the NFL asserting the NFL has violated anti-trust rules.

Intriguingly, there is a player for Texas A&M who joined the lawsuit, thus representing future players. And that sets the stage for the draft to be up-ended in spite of the NFL's belief that they will hold the draft. there is not (now) , nor will there be (anytime soon), any dolphins news to report. I'll post updates if there are any relevant ones, but otherwise I (and my colleagues who write Dolphins sites) have a forced break.

Enjoy the times; its time to start a new hobby. :)

And as for the Fins, its looking more and more like - assuming there is a season in 2011 - they will field the exact same team. Man, I gotta tell, if they do, it sure will be fun to make fun of them and their ineptitude!

Friday, March 11, 2011


On the podcast I just loaded -
- I talk about the CBA.

I say that the NFL has locked out the players.

As it turns out, that's not true - not yet anyway. It seems the most likely course of action, but it is possible that the owners won't lock out the players.

So I was listening to a couple of minutes of the Dolphins-produced
radio show and the host suggested there is a scenario where the owners
DON'T lock out the players, and free agency starts!

And I sat there somewhat incredulous. Maybe that's true. But the
players are still a group involved with a professional organization
(not a union anymore!). I doubt very seriously that they would
violate the 'trust' of their peers and sign a contract with a team,
knowing full well the owners win in that case - and that when a CBA is
reached, those contracts are subject to review because they were
handled during what amounts to a work stoppage.

Spygate in the news

Want to know why Roger Goodell destroyed the evidence related to Spygate (the Patriots taping the other teams play calls)?

The answer revealed itself this week when the lawyer representing the Jets season ticket holders -  who initially filed a class-action lawsuit that was thrown out - appealed to the Supreme Court.

In their filing, they were asking for damages in the range of $200 million just for Jets fans based on the games being rigged.  I can only imagine what the addition of other teams' fans to the filing would have brought that number to....

The Supreme Court refused the case on the basis of merit - something that they can always choose to do.

But can you imagine what would have happened if there was actual unimpeachable video that could have been admitted?  Holy cow, the NFL would have almost certainly lost some money; and they would have suffered the public indignity of someone possibly proving the games were rigged.

And while I don't condone what Goodell did, it would seem he did it to protect the sport.  Now, hopefully, someone brings charges against him for tampering with evidence.

And there ya go

The NFLPA was unhappy with the info provided by the NFL as it relates
to their finances, the fact that they wanted to keep $800 million (a
bargain considering that they originally asked for $1 billion!), and a
few other issues.

And thus, they decertified themselves as a union. The NFL will
probably lockout the players shortly.

Let the legal action begin!